10 Important Tips For Dating Younger Women

10 Important Tips For Dating Younger WomenIf you want to hookup with a younger woman, you have to learn to behave like you deserve to be. When you date one you want everyone to look at you with envy, but you don’t want them to look at your lady with pity. There is a way to make yourself desirable, and appear younger than you really are. First things first though, how do you convince a younger woman that you are the one for them?

There are 10 things that, if you do, you can increase the likelihood that a younger woman will find you attractive. It isn’t always about money, but it is about what you have to offer them. Be-coming a sugar daddy is about so much more than just pulling out the credit card, it is about knowing how to treat them the way that guys their age don’t. These 10 things will sure up your ability to make a younger woman fall in love with you:

1 – Smile
There is nothing that a woman loves more than a guy who smiles. It is something that is often forgotten about. Women need a man who is able to see things in a much less complicated light. They are worriers by nature. The last thing they need is a “Donny Downer”. If you want to make her happy, just smile. Many younger guys think that playing rough, or hard to get, is the way to go. That may get a girl’s attention, but gets old quickly. Be fun and smile and you will light up her world.

2 – Always pay
Yep, that is right, always pay and pay for everything. Pay for dates, pay for her shopping spree, pay for her rent. Guys her own age can’t afford those things. If you keep paying, she will keep coming back for more.

3 – Put her sexual needs first
The one thing that you are assuredly going to be able to do is drive her wild in bed. Guys her age are still learning about how to satisfy a woman. You have the experience they don’t, so use it. Always put her sexual needs before your own. She will be happy to reciprocate after she has “gotten hers”.

4 – Keep it gray
Most guys make the mistake of trying to physically make themselves younger. All that really does making it obvious that they are uncomfortable with being older. Extenuate your gray, it only makes you more distinguished and desirable.

5 – Always pick her up
Even if she says she will take a cab or meet you there, always make the extra effort to pick her up. Guys her age are more into themselves and will not go out of their way to make the women in their lives happy. Go out of your way every time.

6 – Send her flowers
You have the financial means so use them. Let her know you are thinking about her all the time. She will love that you adore her that much, and that she is the envy of the office.

7 – Listen
Sure, her incessant talking may get on your nerves, but if you listen to her, you will do something that guys her age won’t. She is most likely looking for a man who is just as interested in what she has to say, as what she looks like. Be that guy.

8 – Compliment her often
Girls love to be adored. She wants to know how hot she is. Most women define themselves by what people around them see in them. Let her know how attractive you find her, and how lucky you are to have her. That is definitely something guys her age aren’t into.

9 – Open car doors…all doors
The new generation talks about how they want equal rights, but women want to have their doors opened. That is the one thing that has been lost between your generation and hers. Bring it back for her. Chivalry is not dead, in fact, it is highly attractive. It will show her that you respect her.

10 – Talk about the future
Guys her age don’t want commitment. Commitment to a girl is about security. If you can provide her with security, you won’t ever lose her. Talk about the future, specifically your future with her at your side.

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