Bedroom moves your sugar baby / younger women will love

Bedroom Moves Younger Women Will LoveYou’ve started seeing a younger woman. You are the envy of all your friends and peers. But there’s a small voice inside your head causing you to doubt yourself. Its causing you to doubt yourself in the one place you don’t want any hang ups affecting your performance; the bedroom. You think that somehow a younger man could please her better and this is causing you problems. Well, it’s time to put those fears to rest. Here are some bedroom moves guaranteed to make you the best lover she’s ever had.

    • Foreplay: It’s almost a given that younger men have no idea how to do it or any inclination to learn. Take your time. Explore the beautiful young body before you. Touch her slowly. Kiss and nibble on her neck and breasts. Pay attention! It’s very important that you pay attention to what is causing her the most pleasure and simply do more of that. Let her reactions be your guide. This isn’t a porno. I know, it’s a damn shame it’s not, but you’re trying to put her desires before yours not the other way around. If not, you should be.
    • Talk “dirty” to her: I must reiterate the point: This is NOT a porno. There are certain lines you shouldn’t cross when you are taking dirty. You know what they are. Saying “Call me Uncle” probably won’t end well. Tell her how turned on you are. Use the F word liberally yet tastefully. Yeah, I know, it’s a fine line but, once again, you just have to pay attention to her and you can tell how far you can go.
    • Pull her hair: It’s been my experience that EVERY woman has a bit of submissive tendencies about her. Start off very tenderly just running your fingers through it , then, as the pace of the sex gets more furious, pull it tighter, wrap it around your hands and hold on to it with a forceful grip. Just don’t pull out clumps of it or you’ll be sleeping alone for quite some time.
    • Oral Satisfaction: You love it. Why shouldn’t she? I have heard so many women complain about younger guy’s oral techniques. “They act like they’re painting a house with their tongue”, “They only stay down there a minute”, “They have NO IDEA what a clitoris is”, and on and on and on. You know, it’s just a variation on the same things that make you mad about how a young woman performs oral on you. One of the common threads about women’s complaints always seems to be time. Young guys rush too much. (Help with giving oral) They don’t take their time and they don’t pay attention to what’s working. It’s like their doing it out of a sense of obligation in hopes that it’ll be reciprocated. All women are different; some in subtle ways and some in glaring ways. You have to learn what turns your woman on. Read some books. There are plenty out there. One tip I have for you: don’t forget the “lips”. Don’t just concentrate on the clit. Some women have such sensitive clits that you can barely touch them. Kiss her “down there” like you were giving her a kiss on the mouth. In all the ways that you would kiss her on the mouth; gently taking her lips into your teeth (gently is the operative word here) and sucking and pulling on them, running your tongue up and down them with the occasional “dip inside”. Suck her clit inside of your mouth and run your tongue in circles over the top of it. Once again, PAY ATTENTION. Her body and her sounds will tell you what’s working and what isn’t.
    • The “rest” of her body: A woman isn’t just a holder for a vagina. Remember that. Never forget the rest of her body. If you really tried, you could spend a lifetime just exploring the body of one woman and never find out everything that turns her on. While you’re “down there”, run your tongue up the back of her thigh and you’ll get a small taste (pun intended) of what I’m talking about. Be adventurous when it comes to love making and most of all, TAKE YOUR TIME.

  • Give her a quickie: Okay, I know this totally goes against my rule to “take your time”, but whoever said being a super lover was going to be easy. Sometimes she just wants to know that she arouses a passion in you that can’t be contained. Go with it and have a quickie. Give her looks over dinner that say you can’t wait any longer. Touch her under the table. Then take her in the parking lot or before you even get the apartment door closed when you get back home. Give it all you got. Give HER all you’ve got. Scream, yell, and moan till the pictures fall off the walls. Neighbors be damned. And afterwards, then you can go down on her and ….TAKE YOUR TIME.

One last bit of advice. This is the best line I’ve ever used: “Just tell me if I do something you want more of or if there’s ANYTHING you’d like me to do that I’m not doing”. Be comfortable enough in your sexuality and your manhood to understand that every woman is different and will like and be turned on by different things. There’s no way that you could be expected to know everything that pleases your woman from the get go. You’re not a mind reader. You’re a man! Act like it, dammit, and take some directions…

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