Why Dating Younger Women Is More Socially Accepted Than Ever Before

Why Dating Younger Women Is More Socially Accepted Than Ever BeforeIn days of yore, people only dated within their age range. It was deemed acceptable by the public in general to date somewhere within five years of your own age, preferably three or less. The thinking behind this is that you have more in common with someone your own age, socially and emotionally. There was also the thought that marrying someone your own age allows you the luxury of growing old together. For many years, because of this line of thinking in the public consciousness, people dated in their own age range and if they strayed, it was kept secret.

As society changes, so does public consciousness. The shift toward an acceptance to younger dating began with the roaring twenties and women that demanded equality. Dating younger men wasn’t really on the forefront of their minds. It was more important things, like winning the vote, that had them captivated but the principle was the same. Personal freedom, society be damned. As years progressed, so did the women’s movement and along with it society’s views on individual freedoms.

The decade of the 1960’s started another social push toward personal freedoms and knocking down stereotypes like the older man/ younger woman issue. An entire culture sprang up who lived for those ideals and people began to say things like Free Love, which was a defiant term to renounce marriage and traditional relationships. The 1970’s was much the same. Women grew in power both personal and societal and society as a whole was forced to look at them as more than sexual being and as people who made their own decisions. Each generation brought more realizations of how people could live together without the judgments.

Younger Women Are Naturally Attracted To Mature Men

Women are often naturally attracted to men who are older than they are. Some simple prefer to date older men and are not afraid to tell people about it. They enjoy the sophistication. Research showed us long ago that women mature at a faster rate than men and it is often hard for a woman to find a man her own age who is also mentally on her level. Women enjoy the plethora of knowledge that older men can be, both useless and useful knowledge. Eventually, women began to search out older men regardless of the stereotype and it has become something that isnt quite as shocking as it once was.

Successful Men Prefer To Date Younger Women

Men enjoy dating younger women for myriad reasons. Women often become more sedated in their lives as they age and lose some of the love for life their husbands are craving. Younger women bring back that verve and remind him of how much fun life can be. That can be a big deal if the gentleman in question is having a bit of a midlife crisis. The youth-centric culture and the pleasing view of the young female form is only a portion of what’s going on here. Another interesting fact is by the time a man reaches his mid 40’s, there are less women his age who are also single and dating. There are simply just more single women in that age demographic. Dating younger women is also a bit less constricting. Women dating in the 40’s are not just concerned about the next date but the next ten years. They know the future is ticking by fast. On a date with a younger woman, she isn’t thinking much farther than the goodnight kiss.

Younger Women With Older Men Are All Over The Media

The May/December romance of a younger woman and older man is showing up on television shows, celebrity couples and in major media outlets all over the world. Anna Nicole Smith Playboy Bunny and Guess model, made headlines for her romance and marriage to a 90-year-old billionaire while she was a stripper. Stars like George Clooney and Charlie Sheen are famous for their dalliances and even marriage to women considerably younger than they are.

Other countries have always been more open to these types of relationships but America notoriously lagged behind. When the Internet made its appearance and the general public began to use the World Wide Web on a regular basis, online dating sites began to pop up all over and it wasn’t long before dating sites directed straight to these types of relationships started showing up. Talk shows, magazines and major newspapers have ran stories on it. It’s out there and people know about it.

The casual and slow social acceptance of older men and younger women has been a long time coming and still isn’t considered completely normal. A lot depends on the area of the country and the couples immediate surrounding i.e. friends, family coworkers. Some areas of the country are simply more progressive than others. Most people feel if the relationship is what both participants want and it is making them both happy, there is nothing wrong with it.


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