Drama Free Ways To End It With The Sugar Baby You Met On A Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Drama free ways to end it with the sugar baby you meet on sugar daddy dating sitesYou knew there was a great possibility it could go bad. All your friends told you but you just assumed they were jealous. They were jealous, but they were also right. It isn’t working out. There are a multitude of reasons why a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship doesn’t work out. Some men enter such relationships thinking a younger woman comes with less years and so less baggage. They are disappointed. Especially those who realize younger women have issues older women have outgrown. Other times it ends because she’s a gold digger. If you find yourself wondering why you couldn’t get a woman this hot when you were in your prime, and you can’t find an answer, you may have a gold digger on your hands. If she’s not a gold digger, she’s probably looking for her absentee father. Sometimes the generation gap is just too big. After a while, doing the one thing you both are good at together gets old. Yes, even that. A lot depends on the time span of the age gap too, a 35 year old woman and a 65 year old man isn’t quite as unpredictable as a 25 year old woman with a 55 year old man. It’s all in the details, my friend.
Whatever the reason, all good things must come to an end and this situation is a perfect example. The problem is, how to do it gracefully, with tact and kindness but most importantly, drama free. Have no fear, gentleman. There are some tried and true tactics to use n this ever-so delicate situation. Using these fresh and unique strategies, you can extricate yourself from the relationship free from drama and often on good terms. It starts and ends with communication, according to the experts. Just being open and honest with a caring attitude makes delivery of any message a lot easier to take. Do not make up lies or start your own brand of drama to break up with your sugar baby. The first and foremost thing to remember is to talk about it. Verbalize it. Don’t leave it as an elephant in the room. Another way to avoid drama is to give her ample warning. You know, a heads up that you’re not happy, thinking of breaking up and moving on. Tell her ahead of time that you’re not feeling it exactly as you were. She will either agree or disagree. If she agrees, you’re good to go. If she disagrees, you have given her time to state her case to which you will humbly object and make your graceful exit.

When Its Time To Break It Off, Don’t Drag It Out

A key tactic to breaking it off drama free is to do it quickly. No amount of going back and forth, either verbally or sexually, will make things better. To the contrary, the longer you take to make the break, the more drama filled things will become. Things seem to escalate when they are kept in the cooker too long and relationships are no exception. Especially May/December romances of this type. It’s often a big help to seek counseling, therapy or professional help to break up with a sugar baby. Sometimes you just can’t think of the words to say or may even be afraid of the consequences. This might be the case if your sugar baby has exhibited some less than savory mental issues and you just don’t know how she’s going to handle the situation. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.


Stay Positive & Keep Your Cool

The main thing to keep in mind when looking for the most drama free way out of a relationship is to head in with the right attitude. If you go in knowing you will be keeping it honest and short and won’t accept any drama it’s easier to keep that frame of mind throughout the situation. Prepare before the conversation before it happens. Make sure to do it in person to keep her from “having to see you” to “get closure” or something similar. Know what you’re going to say and prepare yourself for any number of responses. Have your mind made up with no room for debate before you ever enter the room. Having a “kick ass and take names” attitude makes thing, if not easier, at least less drama filled. As long as you approach the break up with honesty and kindness you will have the best chance at keeping I drama free and calm. Good luck!


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