Tips For Helping Her Get Over The Guilt Of Having A Sugar Daddy

Tips For Helping Her Get Over The Guilt Of Having A Sugar DaddySome girls just aren’t cut out for this kind of life, right off the bat. She has it in her. You can see it. She’s going to make a great sugar baby real soon but for right now, the poor things is always feeling guilty. She doesn’t know what to do when you surprise her with a five star restaurant or a night at the most trendy spot in town. She gets all blubbery when you spend the weekend in Vegas or in a mountain cabin. While eventually, she will get used to all that, there is one thing she really has trouble with Guilt. Many women just feel guilty from all the attention and gifts and try as we might, she still get teary eyed. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can help her get over the guilt.

What Brings On Sugar Daddy Guilt?

The first step is to find out exactly what it is she is feeling guilty about. It could be all the gifts and trips or it could be that she is lying to her family or it could be that she feels she shouldn’t be enjoying such luxuries. Whatever is going through her pretty, little head cannot be dealt with until you know what it is. Choose an appropriate, calm and quiet alone time to talk with her about it. Reassure her that whatever it is that is bothering her is well within your range of power to take care of. Women love a strong man and showing her that you can take care of whatever is bothering her goes a long way in making her open up.

Once you get to the bottom of the problem let her know that it’s ok to feel guilty but it really is unnecessary. Guilt is a natural reaction from a lifetime of social conditioning to deny self-pleasures. It may take some time but you can eventually show her it is ok to have fun and enjoy life’s pleasures. There will come a time when lavishing gifts on her will bring a smile instead of tears. Remind her that guilt often arises out an attachment to the past. Being afraid to repeat past mistakes or regretting past actions can allow guilt to ruin the present situation.

Is Having A Sugar Daddy Wrong?

It also helps to let her know that feeling guilty over something we always thought was wrong, is just an opinion. Wrong is a matter of perspective in most cases. As long as violence isn’t involved and no one gets hurt, its no one’s business what you do in your private time. It is possible to be a kind, caring, gentle person and still be a great little sugar baby when the occasion arises. Growth is another big aspect to push. Everyone has the ability to grow from feelings of guilt. Pushing through them by recognizing their roots and intentions can help a person grow. Growth and maturity bring a happiness few realize.

A lot of guilty feeling have nothing to do with the person feeling them. Hows that for a mind blower. Feeling of guilt often come from a fear of letting down people we love and who mean something to us. We are afraid that they will think less of us and that would hurt. Most often this isn’t even true. People love us regardless. Some people, however, try hard to make us feel guilty for things they do themselves or to make sure we aren’t happy in life. Many times, our guilty feelings are the product of someone trying hard to bring us down. Its important for her to remember that guilty feelings are necessarily true, either. Feeling guilty is just that, a feeling. It isn’t a fact. It isn’t a real occurrence of something horrible. It isn’t something that should be with you or her every day.

Sex Can Actually Alleviate Sugar Daddy Guilt

Lastly, but certainly not least, sex. Sex is a great way, maybe the best way to alleviate feeling of guilt. Experts in depression, anxiety and guilt recommend exercise and moving around as a great way to chip at guilty feelings. What is better exercise than sex? The act of vigorous movement not only distracts your mind but also your body from the effects of feeling guilty.

Persistent and constant guilt can be a sign of serious depression, something you really don’t want to deal with on a long term basis. If she doesn’t seem to be able to get a handle on the guilt and it just wont go away, she may need to see a professional therapist or psychologist. Feelings of guilt are more intense and make less sense when depression is a factor. It may be the time to suggest you part ways as she takes care of herself for a while.


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