How much is too much communication with your sugar baby

How-much-is-too-much-communication-with-your-sugar-babyPeruse some of the sugardaddy/sugarbaby websites. Check out the blogs and the Q&A sections and you’ll notice one topic that continuously stands out: how much too much communication with your sugar baby?

It’s not just a problem with age-defying relationships but with relationships in general. Even friendships and family relationships can feel the effect of clinginess and over-communication. Over-sharing can be a problem for anyone. Knowing how much is too much is the key.

To explain this point further, let’s consider a non-sugar baby/daddy relationship. Boy meets girl and they arrange a date. She is a hairdresser and he is a football coach. After dinner and cocktails at Applebee’s, they are inseparable. Sparks fly. Cupid looms. Romance blooms. Love is in the air.

When Boy and Girl are not together they are in constant contact. Boy takes a break at work and texts Girl. Girl calls Boy when she takes her lunch. One date leads to another and suddenly wedding bells are chiming.

In a sugar daddy/baby relationship the whole dynamic is different. Daddy and Baby met in an online dating site chatroom. Daddy is a restaurateur with a small chain of signature restaurants around the country specializing in fine wines. Baby is manager in a retail store and going to college part time.

Daddy asked if Baby was interested in meeting and when she responded positively he arranged for her to fly to his home state. They ate dinner together and spent the following weekend rambling through NYC seeing the sights and sounds of the city.

Once Baby fly’s back home they stay in daily contact. Once a month or so Daddy arranges a meeting and the two of them spend days and sometimes weeks together. Baby goes back to her job and responsibilities. She resumes classes and takes up her life where she left if off.

Daddy’s life doesn’t accommodate continuous texting. He doesn’t have the time or inclination to intrude in someone else’s life and will not tolerate someone intruding in his. On the flip side, Daddy may have a lot of travel in his job and be in need of a companion. Baby may get to spend the biggest part of her day with daddy and only leave his side during business meetings.

Baby has hopes, dreams and aspirations of her own with a one track mind to aid her. Her hard work and determination shows in her body language and speech. She’s hot, she’s alluring, and she’s independent and driven. She pleads to see you but can barely make the time.

The whole dynamic in these relationships is that life comes first, not second. Businesses, marriages, families, responsibilities; all these things made Daddy what he is today and it is who he is. Baby is apt to feel the same way and need her space and time as well. Today’s women have many interests, responsibilities and facets to their lives. More women are in executive positions than ever before.

So, how much communication is too much communication with your sugar baby? The answer lies in your own relationship and lives. How much time can you realistically spend together? Is there time and proclivity to spend those precious extra minutes each day texting or calling your new girl? Do you want to keep it casual or are you looking for something more permanent and serious? What is the level of commitment? Answering the above questions can give you an idea of how much communication you should be having with your sugar baby.

They type of communication is something else you will want to consider. Sexting is fun and has its place but can also cause a fair amount of problems. Loving pet names like hunny, baby, sexy etc. are also danger zones unless you know what you’re doing. Sending the wrong message is never a good idea. Make sure you and your sugar baby are on the same page before using any overtly sexy language or pet names.

Keeping it real is the name of the game here. The most important factor in any sugar relationship is fun. If you’re lying to each other you’re not having fun. Communication is key in any relationship and sugar relationships are no exception. Develop a good flow of open and honest communication with your sugarbaby and you’ll get a much clearer picture of how much communication is too much communication.

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