How To Look Rich And Impress Younger Women When You’re Not

How To Look Rich And Impress Younger Women When You NotWhat do you naturally think when you see a younger woman with an older man? The likely thought is that the guy must have money. There are many perks to having money, one of them is that it makes you more attractive, especially to those who don’t have it. The people who are most likely not to have it are those who are younger. Hence, why you would think that if a younger girl is with a much older guy, he must have something that she wants, money. There are other reasons why a younger woman would choose to be with an older guy, but those are usually the things that make them stay. If you want to get a younger woman, and you don’t have the means to dazzle her with dough, there are ways to look rich when you are not.

There are times when people have a lot of money and you would have no idea, and then there are times when you can see a person and just know they are loaded. It isn’t just in the way that they dress, but the way that they command power and influence. How is that possible? There are some things that men do that signal they have a substantial amount of money, even if they don’t. If you want to get a younger woman by pretending to have the cash, these are the things that you should do.

Walk tall
Men who have money have a tendency to walk taller. Having a lot of money is similar to having a large penis. You don’t have to prove it to anyone, you just know that you possess it. It makes you feel confident about yourself. If you want to appear to have money, make sure that you walk tall and confident. Any room that you walk into you should make people stare. Posture is the key to walking tall. Keep your shoulders back and forge head first into every situation.

Dress the part
People who have money dress appropriately. What does that mean? That means that if you have money you don’t have to show off by wearing a three piece suit when it isn’t called for. There is such a thing as trying too hard. If you try too hard, it tells the world that you are trying to convince not only them, but yourself. You don’t have to overdress, just make sure that what you wear is always a name brand, or high end. Invest in your clothing by wearing the best of the best, but that is more about a label than always looking “professional”.

Wear a nice watch
This may sound ridiculous in an age of smart phones which always have the time, but a nice watch says everything about a guy. A guy with an expensive watch has his shit together and girls know it. The type of watch that a guy wears says to a woman how much money he has. Like icing on a cake, if it is expensive, you know the guy has more where that came from.

Offer to pay even if it is going to set you back
When you are out in a group of people, offer to pay the tab. When a younger woman sees that you have the means to pick up the tab for the group, they will just assume that you have a lot of disposable income. It may take some money out of your budget, so save it for the girl of your dreams. When you pay for everyone, there will be a big deal made about you that will reach everyone around you. Being the big man on campus will give you the illusion of money.

Lease an expensive car
If you drive away in your late 80s Honda, a younger woman is going to know that you can’t do better. If you can’t afford a more expensive car, lease one. It will make everyone, everywhere you go, think you are rich. It is not only good for dating younger women, it may also give others in the financial world reasons to believe in you for better things.

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