Lies all sugar babies tell their sugar daddies

Lies all sugar babies tell their sugar daddiesPeople lie to each other every single day. They are not huge, monumental, life-changing lies but they are lies all the same. For instance, the last time you took out your sugar baby she had a less than flattering pair of jeans on. They were a bit saggy in the butt and made her calves look strangely lumpy. Did you tell you that when she asked how she looked? No. You did not. You told her she was ravishing and probably gave her a playful little swat on the rump to accentuate your point. Was it the truth? No. It was not. In fact, it was better than the truth because the truth would have hurt her feelings and probably caused a fight and ruined your evening. That being said, all sugar babies will tell their sugar daddies a set of lies, some less damaging than others. Just like us, they will tell little white lies to keep the peace and make things more pleasant and enjoyable.

Lie Number One: I Love Sports
Every once in a great while you will find a woman who actually does love sports. They are out there. They do exist. There seem to be many, many more, however, that simply tolerate sports, have a passing interest or downright dislike it. They will not tell you that however. When asked they will gush on about how fun it is to watch football and may even be telling the truth, but for the most part you can safely assume her love of sports will not equal yours. This lie will not reveal himself until you have been together for a long period of time. She will make sure she is safe in the relationship before she reveals her true feelings about your favorite pastime.

Lie Number Two: I am Always in the Mood, Baby
Big, fat, lie. No one is always in the mood. Even the most sexually aggressive nymphos in the world are not always in the mood. Would you really want to be with someone who was? Imagine what sex would be like with someone who needed no inspiration, motivation or arousal to have sex. Yuck. What she really means when she tells this particular lie is that she does indeed find you immensely attractive and finds herself in the mood far more than she ever has been before. She wants you to know that she is ready, willing and able to meet your sexual needs.
Lie Number Three: You Are the Best I Ever Had
This one may or may not be true but she is going to tell you this anyway. If you are the worst possible lover she has ever been with she wouldn’t have stuck around. You can rest assured of at least that much. She will tell you that you are the best lover in existence as much for herself as for you. She wants you to know that she desires you and that the lovemaking you share is good for her. It isn’t a lie for a malicious reason but to make you feel good and give you an indication of how she feels about you.
Lie Number Four: I Don’t Mind Your Friends
Women always hate your friends. At least one or two of them. Let’s face it, there are a few of your friends that you don’t even like. Sugar babies will strive to make friends with your buddies to a certain extent. Any gal that gets too buddy-buddy with your friends can seem a bit inappropriate but a regular friendship and a cordial relationship are expected and she will give it a shot. The first step in lasting a while with a guy is a good relationship with his friends and family. Every woman inherently knows this and will attempt it when she genuinely likes the guy she’s with.
Lie Number Five: I’m Not Mad
Passive aggression is a tried and true reaction for both men and women. At first glance it seems like the person using this technique is trying to avoid trouble and she may think she is too. Truthfully, however, it is just as aggressive full out fighting and accusations. If she tells you she isn’t mad and you think she might be, she is. She’s attempting to assuage a touchy situation by avoiding an argument but she is also forcing you to feel uncomfortable and confused.

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