How To Make Your Sugar Baby Jealous Using Social Media

How To Make Your Sugar Baby Jealous Using Social MediaThere comes a time in every relationship where you feel the need to make your sugar baby jealous. Maybe she is acting a bit too pretentious or she just doesn’t seem grateful to you. Maybe you just need to let her know that you are an attractive, sought-after guy and not to take you for granted. Whatever the reason, social media is the best way to make your sugar baby jealous. Social media gives many women around the world a chance to see and contact you. No one knows exactly how much contact you actually have with social media friends and it gives the imagination a great chance to go wild.

One of the simplest ways to make your sugar baby jealous using social media is to just make it seen. You probably met her on social media and so she obviously knows you use it. What she may not know is that you still use it. Just leave it up on your computer or phone where she can see it. Do not act hinky about it. Do not look guilty or rush to close it down like it was an accident. Just leave it and ignore it. If she asks you about it just be very nonchalant and give a vague answer. “Oh. Yeah. I get on and check my messages every once in a while.” It will make her painfully aware that there are things about you she does not know and cannot control. It doesn’t even matter if you actually use the service. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Just having the website or app pulled up to the home page will be enough to get her thinking.

A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words

Another tried and true method using social media to make someone jealous is to use photos. It works best if you use new photos that your sugar baby has not seen yet. A photo of you with a cocktail having a good time, poolside or with a group of golfing buddies. Make sure you look happy, handsome and possibly single. Post it online when you have been away from her for a day or two. The next step is crucial. After you post the photo, do not return her next call immediately. Wait just a beat longer than you usually do. Do not be aloof or confusing. Keep the same jovial, charming attitude you always do. When she asks about the photo is the time to be aloof. “Oh. Geez, I don’t remember. Sometime last week.” Make sure there are no other women in the photo and it does not incriminate you in any way with your sugar baby. This one photo will plant a jealousy seed deep in her soul. She will be all too aware that you are capable of living a full life without her. Another photo trick is to crop them. It doesn’t matter if it was your sister or business partner in the picture with you. Crop it down to only you and just leave in a tuft of female hair and a cute arm. Bam. It looks like your trying to be subtle.

The More Comments,The More Jealous Your Sugar Baby Gets

Comments, status posts and likes are another way to make a sugar baby jealous with social media. You do not have to actually even touch or speak to another woman, but if one is commenting and liking your photos, your sugar baby will notice. She will see that other women are interested in you as well. It will definitely ignite a jealous spark. Your own personal statuses can make her jealous too. If you’re going to the game with a bunch of your pals, a perfectly worded status can have her feeling jealous of the time your spend with others. You can also make sly posts about things she hates to do. If she ever mentions it you can say you’ll now she doesn’t like to do those things so you do them with others to save her the boredom. Vague status updates are the key. Use the winkie face a lot. No one ever knows exactly what that means.

Making your sugar baby jealous on social media is easy. The hard part is not taking it overboard or not assessing her level of crazy correctly. If she gets too jealous, the whole escapade is ruined and you may have a mutiny on your hands. Use your judgment wisely and do not make any rash decisions. Stay vague and never give any concrete evidence to use against you. Keep the reason you are making her jealous in the first place in mind at all times. There must be a goal behind this for it to be successful. Making her jealous for no reason can backfire in your face. Tread carefully.


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