Module #7 Types of Women That Should Be Avoided

Types of Women That Should Be Avoided On Sugar Daddy Dating SitesMost of the ladies on sugar daddy dating sites are legit, especially if you focus your time and attention on our Top 5 Approved Sugar Daddy Dating sites. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous young women to hook up with, but unfortunately, these aren’t the only women you will find. In order to make the most of the time you devote to meeting younger women, you have to know what to avoid.


The Perfect Ten Escort Scam

Let me be blunt, if you are looking at profile pictures of women who seem too hot to be real, they aren’t. Yes, you will find lots of drop dead gorgeous women to date, but when everything from their hair to their tits are absolutely flawless, chances are high that you are dealing with escorts and hookers. If, in addition to her perfect picture, her profile only discusses how much she wants to please you, keep moving.

Is She Looking for Some Sugar or Digging for Gold?

Gold diggers are even more dangerous than escorts. At least when you’re dealing with an escort, at some point you get the true story, which is that they will perform sexual favors in exchange for cash. Not so with the gold diggers. These women make something of a career from milking desperate men for every penny they can squeeze out of them. What’s worse, a lot of times they don’t even put out. They string you along with promises of getting laid while racking up your credit card bills.

Cling-Ons with Daddy Issues

Some women don’t grasp the difference between a sugar daddy and an actual daddy. When you read a profile that reeks of desperation and a deep desire for love, affection, and the fulfillment of unmet childhood needs, run the other direction. These are the women who will decide that they are in love with you and can’t live without you. They will call you incessantly, show up unannounced, and basically stalk you, trying to make you fall in love with them. They aren’t worth the effort.


The Dregs of Internet Dating

On every single dating site in existence, you will find a plethora of ugly chicks and fat girls, and sugar daddy sites are no exception. It seems totally ridiculous that women who can’t even get laid by men who are falling down drunk at the local bar would think that they will be able to find sugar daddies willing to spoil them and shower them with money and gifts, but it happens! It happens because men get desperate and think that they can’t do any better, so they settle.
There is absolutely no reason to settle for any of the scenarios mentioned above. There are plenty of sexy, beautiful women in their twenties dying to date older men. The sugar daddy dating sites are full of the real deal if you’re willing to take the time to week out the fakes and focus your energy on the women you actually want to attract.