myrichsugardaddy-reviewFor those who are new to the sugar daddy scene, sites like can seem like an easy and enticing way to meet a lot of sugar babies quickly and without a lot of effort. Oftentimes, the promise and the reality of these sites aren’t in alignment, though. My experience with proved to be a massive disappointment, so I thought I’d make the best of a bad situation of save other guys from wasting their money on this site.


My First Impression of Could Have Saved Me a Lot of Time, Energy, and Money

First impressions matter. Unfortunately, as human beings, we are trained from an early age to resist the urge to judge people or things based on first impressions. We’re taught that it’s better to give things a chance. This is not always the case and should never be the case when you are spending money! If you have a negative first impression, it’s probably right. My first impression of was very negative, and I ignored it, hoping that if I just gave the site a chance it would redeem itself. Listen, when everything about an adult dating website screams that it was carelessly slapped together with little to no attention to detail, form, or function, you can assume that everything else about it is going to suck, too. These sites look this way because they’re not actually legit businesses. They’re scams designed to get you to fork over your money without getting anything in return.

How Fails to Deliver

First of all, does nothing to control the escorts and hookers posting fake profiles on this site. Most of them don’t even try to hide what they’re doing! Their profiles are blatant advertisements of sex for money. Another big issue with the site is that most of the very few real women who are there looking for sugar daddies are only one step up from hookers. These are not naïve young girls looking for an older; take charge kind of guy to make them feel like a princess for a few hours a week. These are savvy, conniving women who make a profession out of being sugar babies. They know how to get men to give them whatever they want in exchange for sex or affection, and they’re ruthless about going after your money. I consider myself to be a pretty smart guy, and even I got taken for a ride by one of these chicks. She was incredibly good looking, great in bed, and somehow managed to get me to buy her all kinds of things I couldn’t afford before I finally wised up and kicked her to the curb. On this site, if it isn’t one kind of con artist it’s another. Conclusion

There’s really nothing positive that can be said about using to look for hookups with younger women. Yes, there are some hot young women on this site, but unless you’re truly loaded and willing to spend your money on them in exchange for sex, you’re not going to get anywhere with them. Plus, even that type of woman is scarce on this site. The vast majority of the profiles belong to escort businesses. All I can say is that there must be a hell of a lot of men paying for hookers they find on or it wouldn’t be worth the effort for them to list so many bogus profiles here. Whether you’re dealing with gold digging professional sugar babies or escorts, the bottom line is that if you end up having sex with women you meet on this site, one way or another you’re going to pay for it.

Don't Get Scammed