Pre-sex Power Foods That Helps You In Bed With A Younger Woman

Pre-sex Power Foods That Helps You In Bed With A Younger WomenIf there was a super sex food that you could eat before sex that would make you a master, would you eat it? Of course you would. Why not? While there is no food that will add inches to your penis or knowledge to your play book, there are several that can make you last longer, swell fatter and capture that special frame of mind that helps you tune into exactly what a younger woman needs.

Optimal blood flow to the genitals produces the best sex, as sex researchers have long told us. Eating foods high in magnesium, which plays a part in the dilation of blood vessels, helps to make sure the blood is pumping to all the places it needs to be during sex. Kale and other green leafy veggies like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, Swiss chard and Brussels sprouts are just what the doctor ordered. They also contain the nutrient folate or folic acid, which helps in deterring birth defects and improves fertility. This means don’t forget to eat all your veggies at dinner. Just make sure there is no spinach in your teeth later.

Antioxidant Rich Tea
Tea is a sex food much in the same way. Red wines also fall into this category.Teas contain an antioxidant that increases blood flow to the entire body. It helps not only with sex but also with memory, focus, mood and even weight loss. Researchers have told us that green tea has more of the antioxidants than black tea. They start out the same, but the preparation process of black tea leaves removes more of the antioxidants making green tea a better source. It’s best to leave the sugar out. Too much sugar leads to lower endorphin production and where would sex be without endorphins?

Granola is good for erectile response, according to a report from MSNBC. Granola is chock full of the amino acid, L-Arginine which aids in erectile dysfunction by improving circulation. Some studies have been done and prove L-Arginine helps in men’s sexuality. Make it part of your daily routine every morning for best results. The lesson here is it wouldn’t hurt to eat a few handfuls of trail mix and a huge bowl of hearty breakfast cereal before heading to the bedroom. Just don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Fruits Loaded With Vitamin C
Vitamin C improves sperm count and mobility. If you’re having sex for an end goal, this is good news. If not, it still means everything is lively and active down there. Peaches, oranges, grapefruit, and any other high C fruit that can help men get over 200 mg of vitamin C a day helps improve his sex life. A variety of studies have shown that vitamin C dosages have a huge impact on fertility in men.

Fruits Loaded With Vitamin B
Endurance gets a boost with a daily dose of bananas. Bananas have a lot of B vitamins, which change carbs into energy, something we all need in the bedroom. There is also some research that says bananas help the body in the production of sex hormones. Sex therapists often advice clients to eat a banana or two a few hours before sex to encourage endurance and stamina.

Omega-3 Rich Salmon
Salmon is also a great pre-sex meal because it enhances circulation. It is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which perk up the nervous system. It also improves circulation. Mackerel is another fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a great meal choice for date night.

There seems to be some truth behind the many tales of chocolate as a cure all food. It does indeed help during sex by use of the chemical anandamide which gives an all over good feeling. It also releases phenylethylamine, known as the love chemical, which releases the dopamine that creates the climax during orgasm.

Lower Those Inhibitions With Liquid Courage
Alcohol effect our sex lives as well. It gives us a randy feeling and lowers our inhibitions, making thoughts of sex easier and more pleasurable. We lose our reserves and are less shy. The problem is in the quantity, especially for men. Men who drink too much often have trouble getting and/or staying erect as well as obtaining orgasm.


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