Signs Your Sugar Baby Is Lying To You

Signs Your Sugar Baby Is Lying To YouWhen you first started dating your sugar baby, you didn’t care if you were her one and only. Let’s be honest, you were probably in it for fun, just like she was into for your money. The more you got to know her, the more you realized that she had something special. The more you build a relationship with your sugar baby, the more you want to know that you are hers, the same way she is yours. Instead of being worried that she isn’t being honest, start checking into it. The best thing to do is to trust your instincts, but there are some signs that she may not be telling you the truth. Look for these telltale signs to determine whether your sugar baby is lying to you.

Scientific research has shown that people behave in common ways when they aren’t telling the truth. Look for these signs that say, “I am not being honest”:

Signs To Look Out For

Changing head position quickly
If their head appears to be dodging around, they may be dodging your question. Frequent twitches, or jerking movements, may indicate that he isn’t answering honestly. Sometimes it al-most looks like he is in a fight with his conscience. There may be a good reason, he may be.

There is a change in their breathing
When someone is lying to you, they have a tendency to breathe more rapidly. It is an automatic reaction to stress. When they are lying, their heart rate will begin to rise, that will reflect in their breathing. Likely accompanying signs are the raising of the shoulders, or their voice lowering or being shallower. A sign of nervousness, there is really nothing they can do to prevent it.

Standing very still
Although you would think that someone would be moving around if they were not telling the truth out of nerves. The truth is that the opposite may show you just as much of a sign. If they are standing statute like, it may be that they are fighting so hard to stay still, they have shut down all together. When someone isn’t nervous, they move around without effort or thought. If your partner isn’t moving at all, it is a bad sign.

Repeating phrases, or independent words
If they continually say the same thing, even in response to different questions, that is a problem. They are most likely trying to minimize the likelihood that they will say something to send up a red flag. They are also trying to validate it in their own minds. The more times they say it, the more it becomes “real”. If you can’t get anything but the same thing, there is something up.

They give you a story when all you want is an answer
If you ask them a question about where they were and you get a three hour synopsis of their day, you can be sure it isn’t true. When we lie, we have a tendency to be more descriptive and try to find more specifics to prove that we aren’t lying. If he is providing too many details, or talking a story instead of just telling you the answer, that isn’t a good sign.

Touching or covering their mouth
When someone isn’t telling the truth they will cover their mouth. Almost as if they are trying to keep themselves from lying, they will put their hands over the mouth frequently. It is also saying to you that they wish that they could stop talking.

They cover all their major body parts
If a girl is lying, she is likely to cover her breast. Yep, that is right. It is almost as if she knows that her lying is grounds for hurt. It is a reflexive action that she has no control over. If she is covering herself as if he needs protection, she just might, if you find out what she has been up to.

Shuffling feet
Shuffling her feet tells you that she is uncomfortable with what she is saying. That means that she knows she isn’t being honest, and doesn’t like it any more than you do. Next time the seed of doubt enters your brain and you feel like she is lying to you, look down at her feet, if they are doing the happy dance, she is doing the layer dance.

Difficulty talking
When you are highly stressed the production of saliva in your body will cease to work. That will make it harder for her to talk, literally. If she suddenly slows down his speech, or is finding it hard without a glass of water, check her facts twice. This one should be easy to pick out as well.

Staring without blinking
Much like the statute stance, the body will shut down and stop blinking if you are being dishonest. Next time you are in a regular conversation and your partner is relaxed take note of her normal blinking pattern. When it starts to change you know something is not right. Make sure you have a point of reference though as not everyone blinks at the same rate.

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