Why It’s Important Your Sugar Baby’s Friends Like You

Why It’s Important Your Sugar Baby’s Friends Like YouIf you haven’t noticed that what a woman’s friends think about them is very important to them. That means that not only does it mean a lot to her that they like her, but that they like you as well. If you aren’t “in” with her friends, you can be in big trouble. Her friends are either going to be your biggest ally, or they are going to be your biggest nightmare. Your sugar baby is going to rely heavily on the advice that her friends supply her. You are going to want them to be on your side, being your cheerleader, not telling her to make you a part of her past. Making sure her friends like you is just as important as if she likes you, so be sure to do the things that will ensure that they do. You want them to be jealous of the fact that she has you.

The reason why it is important that her friends like you is because, if they don’t, they can make it very hard for you to see her, and even harder for her to stay with you. She is probably at a time in her life where her friends are still a big part of who she is. If they don’t like you, they won’t have any problem giving her all the reasons why she shouldn’t go out with you. They will make little comments and find all the faults in you to sway their friend not to go out with you again. That is why it is sometimes just as important that they like you as that she does. They can really make your world a nightmare.

If her friends don’t like you it could lead to:

Her breaking up with you
Yep, even if you are the best thing she has ever had in her life, friends can be very persuasive. If they don’t think that you are good enough for her, give her enough, or just aren’t right for her they will have no problem trying to put you out of her life. They will chip little holes into your relationship and cause a huge rift. It isn’t likely that they will play fair either. If they want you gone they will make up every reason why you just aren’t the right person for her. That can leave you standing on the sidelines instead of in on the action where you want to be.

They can try to fix her up with other guys
What is the best way to get you gone? If they really don’t like you, or find you a bore, they know that all they have to do is replace you. That means that they will continue to try to set her up with other guys who may, or may not be, more attractive, funnier, or just overall a better catch. If you don’t want to take the chance that they will be working overtime to replace you, make sure that her friends find something appealing about you, and want you to stick around for a while.

They can make you miserable
Even if they let you stick around they can make your life miserable. If they don’t like you they may have no problem letting you know by the treatment that they afford you. They don’t have to be nice, or include you. There is nothing less welcoming than a woman who makes it obvious that she doesn’t want you around. Be careful, if they can’t get to break up with you, they may just be awful enough that you will want to break up with them, or her.

They can limit your time
If it gets to the point where they don’t like you and you start to not like them so much either, that will limit the time you have with your sugar baby. If you are all constantly making her choose between you, the likelihood that you will have the majority of her time, is not looking good. If you want to be the apple of her eye, and have her attention all the time, you have got to find a way to make her friends like you.

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