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On January 31, 2014
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Ranked #1 Sugar Daddy Site For Meeting Younger Women! We highly recommend EstablishedMen - for dating younger women.

Establishedmen - Sugar Daddy Dating Review

Established men was an incredibly easy choice for our favorite sugar daddy site. No other site scored better on our five point test. This site is comprised entirely of sugar babies looking for sugar daddies, and it does nothing to hide this fact. Since everyone here is on the same page, you automatically have a leg-up over conventional adult dating sites. In my first month of membership I set up dates with ten women and ended up in bed with seven. Of the other three, one was a no show, one had clearly used an old picture in her profile and wasn’t quite as young or cute as I had hoped, and the third was too dull to entice me. The other seven were incredibly sexy young things who were eager to hop in the sack, making it easy to seal the deal.

Features On

The easy to use features offered by Established Men make it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in a sugar baby, and a major reason why this review is so positive. The process is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, even if you’re a newcomer to the online world of sugar daddy dating. When filling out your profile, you’ll see that not only does the site offer the usual categories about your physical appearance; there is also a spot for your income range. One of the options offered is to not specify your income. Whatever you do, don’t choose this option! Plug yourself into a high income bracket. Remember, you’re selling these girls a fantasy. With a free membership on Establishedmen you can browse profiles and send free flirts to your potential sugar babies, but we found that this approach is weak and will generate minimum responses. Remember, these girls want men with money, and they want to imagine that you’re going to make them feel like princesses. If you’re too cheap to buy a membership that will allow you to access all of the features on the site, they’re going to assume that either you don’t actually have money or that you’re such a tightwad they’ll never get to have any fun with you. Why on earth would they waste their time responding to you? In addition to email, you can also use the site for instant messaging, secure calling (so you don’t have to give out your phone number), and icebreakers.

First Emails That Worked Well On

I’ve been looking for a one in a million woman to share in my limited free time. After working long hours at a high-pressure job with a lot of travel, it would be so nice to unwind in the company of a gorgeous lady with wit and intelligence. Your profile makes me think you might fit the bill. Am I right?

When you’ve had as much experience with women as I have, it’s easy to feel jaded. It takes someone very special to catch my eye, but you certainly did. Between your beautiful face and your charming profile, you know how to set yourself apart from the crowd! You seem to know how to have fun without sacrificing class, which is a rare thing. If you’d like to get drinks when I get back from Cairo next week, I’d love to take you out.

Overall, I have everything I’ve ever dreamed of. My life is nearly perfect, but I’ve been looking for a classy, intelligent, and beautiful woman to share in the fun, and have yet to find what I’m looking for. I love women and love to lavish them with my attention, but I’d rather be alone than settle. Since you seem to possess the traits I’m looking for, I’d love to get to know you and explore the possibilities.

What We Did Not Like

We didn’t find much to complain about here. In fact, our biggest complaint was inevitable. Gold diggers. Yes, you will encounter them on Estalishedmen, there’s no getting around that. Fortunately, they are easy to spot and weed out. If a chick’s profile is laden with income requirements, vacation and gift preferences, and that sort of thing, you know that she’s not worth your time. Our second complaint was smaller, but still worth mentioning. The membership fee at is slightly higher than average. That said, we found that we also got more bang for our buck on Established Men than almost any other site that we tried, so it really evens itself out.

Safety Review Of Establishedmen

The safety measures taken on this site are top notch. Not only do they do an excellent job of weeding out the scammers and promptly booting them off the site, they also offer members a comprehensive set of safety tips for online communication and meeting in person. Your data is safe with EstablishedMen, as they use the highest quality encryption and data protection available.

Pricing/Billing On Establishedmen

We started off with a free membership, which was a great way to test the waters. Within a few days all of us had received multiple messages from hot young women in our areas. This was enough of an incentive to shell out the $59 for a one month membership. While that’s somewhat higher than a lot of the sites out there, we found that the caliber of the women and the number of dates we scored made it well worth it. A month’s membership was still cheaper than getting into a hot club and buying a few drinks for ourselves and whatever women we were trying to pick up, and we got laid a lot more often than any of us ever did when we were frequenting the club scene to pick up younger women. The bottom line Establishedmen is 100% legit & works well for meeting younger women!

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