Top FAQ’s When Becoming A Sugar Daddy

Top FAQs When Becoming A Sugar DaddyIt’s crossed the minds of all men at some point. We’ve all thought about that sugar daddy experience. What would it be like? Could we pull it off? Is it all worth it? There is only one way to find out and that is to dive right in and test out the waters. As with any new project, it’s best to begin with research and questions directed straight to the experts. There are a set of FAQ’s that every new sugar daddy should memorize.

Q: Where do I find sugar babies?
Answer: You can find sugar babies anywhere you find women interested in what you are. Concerts, art shows, bars, pubic events and all manner of places can hold a plethora of sugar babies. If you enjoy music and want a younger woman who does too, a concert is the way to go. No matter if its chamber music or death metal, there will be younger women who are interested in it. Places that serve alcohol are also a good idea because everyone’s inhibitions are a bit lowered. Bars, lounges and even wine tastings and pairings can be great pick-up grounds for sugar babies. Another great place is online. Believe it or not, there are many websites that are geared specifically to sugar daddies and sugar babies looking for each other. They offer all kinds of neat features like increased privacy, instant messaging and large photo albums.

Q: Do I have to have a lot of money to be a sugar daddy?
Answer: Heck no! Sugar daddy and sugar baby dating is strictly about enjoying partners of a dramatically different age. Money isn’t a factor. Many men have the mistaken impression that the terms sugar baby and gold digger are synonymous. While its true that older men with more money have a better chance at dating younger women than broke guys, that’s true for all dating. Any guy with a lot of money is going to have a better chance at dating a woman. Fifty Shades of Gray doesn’t appeal to women everywhere for no reason. Money is a great help, but it isn’t the end game. All you need is a little grey hair and a lot of personality. There is a specific type of woman who prefers older men. Money or not. They enjoy the maturity and strength that older men have learned through their years. These women also find older men attractive. They feel men look more distinguished as they age and it’s attractive to them.

Q: How do I know if sugar babies will like me?
Answer: They will. As discussed above, there is a specific type of female that seeks out older men. It isn’t easy to believe at first, but it is definitely true. They not only seek out older men but they actively seek out relationships with them and to maintain them as well. It may actually be difficult to get rid of a sugar baby when the relationship runs stale. For that very reason, it is best to have an exit strategy before you ever get started. If this is your first run at life as a sugar daddy, it might behoove you to take a few classes, brush up on current affairs and make sure you are in tip-top shape physically. This is especially important if you are one of the less wealthy sugar daddies. Always remember to play up your assets. If you have great eyes, buy clothes and a hair cut that accentuate them. Got great arms? Make sure the arms of your shirts show them off. Use what you have to the fullest advantage.

Q: What if this isn’t for me or I want to move on? How do I break it off?
Answer: It happens. You find a great sugar baby and everything is fine as wine for a while but then things start to cool off and she just doesn’t seem as interesting or interested as she was. Those instances can be attributed to everything from bad manners to bad breath but there are many ways out of it. Its always a good idea to plan out a sugar baby relationship before you ever get into it. For instance, many sugar daddies purposely chose women from out of their hometown or even state to make it harder for her to find him when its all over. Other men use a dedicated cell phone for their sugar baby relationships so there is no chance she calls the wrong number at the wrong time. It also helps when the relationship is over because she has no number to reach him on. The point is to make sure you give yourself a clear way out right from the very start. You wont regret it.


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