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On January 31, 2014
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Ranked #3 Site For meeting younger women We recommend Fuckbook - for dating younger women.

Fuckbook - Sugardaddy Dating Review

As one of the internet’s premier adult dating websites, Fuckbook has earned its reputation as a no-holds-barred place to pick up hot and horny women. While Fuckbook is not specific to sugar daddies and sugar babies, there are a ton of sexy chicks in their early twenties looking for older men on the site, and our experience when testing Fuckbook for sugar daddy usefulness convinced us that it is actually a better place to pick up beautiful young women than many of the sites touting themselves as sugar daddy/sugar baby dating services. During my first month of testing the site, I arranged to meet eight potential sugar babies for dates. Two of them were no-shows, one was not nearly as cute in person as she was in her picture, and the other five were incredibly hot young women who were more than happy to end the first date with sex. As you will learn this Fuckbook Review is all positive.

Features On Fuckbook

The features on Fuckbook are one of the reasons it is amongst the most popular adult dating sites out there. Exact features change by membership tier, but all levels access idiot-proof searching and profile setups. You can also enjoy onsite email, chat, webcam, and porn. While Fuckbook is our 3rd pick for sugar daddy sites, as far as features go, it is top notch, and we find it to be the best of the best. Even the profile setup here is racy and fun. You’re gonna love everything about meeting younger women on this site.

First Emails That Worked Well On Fuckbook

Remember, unlike some of the sites we’ve reviewed, Fuckbook is not specific to sugar daddies and sugar babies. That means that you need to be more specific about what you are looking for when you send out first emails. Yes, you might have the information in your profile, but unless the email is intriguing enough, she might not get that far.

As a man with refined tastes and high standards, I meet a lot of great women, but still haven’t found one that I’d like to share my precious free time with on a regular basis. I had to read your profile twice, because for a minute I thought you seemed too good to be true and that you were a figment of my imagination. You aren’t are you? If you’re real, let me know when I can buy you a drink.

I was beginning to wonder if there are any women with class out there anymore! I know that may sound crazy on a site like this, but I know from experience that a woman can enjoy mutually beneficial arrangements and casual sex without being sleazy. Stumbling across your profile made me believe that there are still classy young women looking for refined older men to date. I expect a lot, but I give a lot in return. Shall we see if we can both give as well as we receive?

You’re young and beautiful, I’m established and experienced. I think that could be a match made in heaven, don’t you? I’d love to meet you for cocktails if you’re available this weekend. I know a great little place on the North end of town that has fantastic live jazz if you’re interested. If jazz isn’t your thing, let me know what you prefer and I’ll come up with the perfect place!
What We Did Not Like

There are slightly more scammers and con artists on this site than on our top three picks. Still, Fuckbook seems to try to spot these fake profiles and pull them down. Our other minor complaint is that because Fuckbook is not specifically for sugar daddies and sugar babies, all of the testers had the experience of being contacted by women who were much older than our preferred range, even though we were very specific about what we were looking for. We had enough hot, young chicks contact us that the older fuglies were nothing more than a minor irritation, though. We just hit delete on their messages and moved on to the younger women we were interested in.

Safety Review Of Fuckbook

Fuckbook is, overall, a very safe adult dating site. They handle personal information correctly, so you don’t have to worry about identity theft or unauthorized charges showing up on your credit card. That being said, it is an adult dating site… just like all the rest, you will find some scammers and con artists on this site. Acquaint yourself with how to avoid the fake profiles belonging to hookers, escorts, and other individuals whose only intentions of screwing you have to do with your wallet, and you are perfectly safe here. It’s really all about common sense. If you have common sense, you’re not going to have much trouble at all on Fuckbook.

Pricing/Billing On Fuckbook

If you want to give Fuckbook a trial run, you can get a three day membership to check it out for just $1.95. Trust us when we tell you that you can safely skip straight to a monthly, but if you’d rather see for yourself, we feel confident that you’ll make the jump quickly. There are tons of membership options, but we found the Gold Membership to be a steal at just $23.32 a month when you purchase three months up front. Don’t worry about anyone seeing Fuckbook on your credit card statement. All payments are processed through a third party, so the charge will be bland, nondescript, and completely untraceable.

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