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On January 31, 2014
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Ranked #2 Site For meeting younger women! We recommend Seekingarrangement - for dating younger women.

Sugar Daddy Dating Site - SeekingArrangement Review is a high-class adult dating site for sugar daddies and the sugar babies hoping to meet them. The site explicitly outlines what they mean by a mutually beneficial arrangement, and they go on to say that each individual should clearly state their expectations with such arrangements when meeting people through the site. This sort of bold and upfront pronouncement helps to ensure that nearly everyone is there for the same reason, making it simpler for everyone involved, and the reason this review is so positive! The caliber of women on SeekingArrangement is better than almost any other sugar daddy dating site we tested. The ratio of beautiful, sexually eager young women to older men is excellent, so getting laid is not a problem. In one month I met six sugar babies in person and sealed the deal with all of them. While this is fewer overall dates than a couple of the sites we tried, all of them ended in sex, which means that absolutely nothing was lost by going on fewer dates!

Features On

In-house emails, privacy protected calling options are available, and profiles that allow you to post pictures, basic physical and marital stats, as well as information on your income and net worth constitute the sites main features. Many sugar babies also list their preferred monthly caretaking budget. The features on SeekingArrangement are fairly basic. The main focus is on connecting sugar daddies and sugar babies in order to work out the details of each mutually beneficial arrangement. You won’t find a lot of extra bells and whistles, which might seem like a turn-off and first glance, but shouldn’t be. You’re here for one reason; to meet hot younger women for hookups. SeekingArrangement delivers on that.

First Emails That Worked Well On

I’ve noticed that while I don’t have any trouble meeting beautiful women on this site, most of them are incredibly shallow and unintelligent. That doesn’t work for me. A mutually beneficial arrangement has to work for both parties, and I have grown weary of the women trying to access my bank account with no regard for anything else. Judging by your profile, I get the feeling you might be different than the average girl on SeekingArrangement. I’m leaving Barbados on Monday evening and as far as I know, I’ll be in town from Tuesday until Friday morning. Would you like to meet for drinks during that window?

Your profile picture is charming. Tell me; are you truly that beautiful in real life? If so, I have to see for myself. I’ve got a ton of business meetings this week, so if I’m slow to reply, please don’t assume I’ve blown you off. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

As an entrepreneur, my life is busy and constantly moving and changing. I worked incredibly hard for the early part of my career to reach this point where I can reap the benefits and enjoy life to the fullest. Not that I’ve achieved that, I have everything I’ve ever hoped for, with one exception! I’m still looking for a woman whose company I’ll enjoy in my free time. Due to the nature of my business and lifestyle, I need someone special; a woman who understands that my life is busy and my schedule are constantly changing. I know that this can be hard for some women, but I am always sure to make every minute I do spend with a woman enjoyable and worthwhile. Quality over quantity. Are you the type of woman who knows the difference?

Too many women on this site seem to think that sleazy = sexy. I prefer understated elegance and refinement. Judging by your picture, you feel the same way. If you’ve outgrown the nightclub scene and prefer the atmosphere of upscale establishments and would rather sample a fine wine than watch a beer chugging contest, I believe that I’m the man you’re looking for. I’m out of town on business, but I’ll be back next week. Would you care to meet for drinks?


What We Did Not Like

Depending upon your geographic location, you might get rerouted to one of SeekingArrangement’s sister sites, and this is not just annoying, it can be alarming. Another thing we found irritating; the number of highly skilled gold diggers can be a minor annoyance. Given all of the hot and eager younger women we found here, these proved to be no big deal in the grand scheme of adult dating site issues. That said its Seekingarrangement still works at meeting younger women!

Safety Review Of SeekingArrangement

The overall safety of SeekingArrangement is pretty great. The only thing that can feel questionable if you’re not expecting it is automatic rerouting to another site. If this occurs, don’t stress that it’s a safety breach. has sister sites that are used for rerouting based on the location of the user. This should be more clearly and explicitly made obvious to avoid worrying users.


Pricing/Billing On SeekingArrangement

Free memberships are available, but in order to access’s full features you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership. The cost of paid memberships begins at $59.95 a month, and purchasing a three or six month plan will reduce your monthly fee significantly. Billing is handled through a third party, so your privacy will be fully protected, as SeekingArrangement will never show up on your credit card statement. Unlike most competitor sites, SeekingArrangement will never automatically rebill, so you won’t end up with unwanted charges.

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