5 Things Sugar Babies Find Annoying During Sex

Things Girls Find Annoying During SexIf you have found the perfect sugar baby, first of all congratulations. Once you find the girl that makes you feel 20 years younger and ten times hotter, you want to hold onto her. If you are having the best sex you have had since you were a teenager, the last thing that you want to do is to screw it up. There are things that you can do in bed that can be not only embarrassing to her, they can be highly annoying. Many sugar babies are not just attracted to your bank account but also your sexual experience and hold you to higher standards. If they wanted an inexperienced boy in bed they would stick to men their own age. If you turn her off in bed: that is a surefire way to drive her into another sugar daddy’s arms. And that is the last thing you want. Once you find a sexy sugar baby you are compatible with, you should hold on to her. When you are having sex with a younger woman it is very important that you do NOT do these 5 things. They are the best way to turn her off and have her running.

1) You let her do all the work when she is on top
There is nothing that is more not fun than being on top of a woman having missionary sex and she looks like she would rather be watching television. If you are having sex with someone you want them to participate. When a woman is on top it is the same thing. If you think that just because she is on top, it is all her, you are wrong. There are ways that you can move to enhance and heighten the feeling for her. So, get off your butt, no pun intended, and help out. Just sitting there staring at the ceiling isn’t only annoying, it comes across as just plain lazy or interested.

2) You are wearing tighty whiteys
Sorry guys, women just don’t like Fruit of the loom clingers, that is just a fact. If you are going to have sex with your hot sugar baby make sure to put on some boxer or boxer briefs. There are certain things that you can do that will not only signal your uncool nature, it will make her less attracted to you. Make sure that your underwear doesn’t look like you are ten, and for goodness sakes, make sure that you aren’t wearing your black socks, or any socks for that matter, to bed with you. Have some decorum and think about how good you look even when you aren’t thinking about how good you look.


3) You may be a boob guy but if she isn’t let it go
There are some parts of a woman’s body that you may be drawn to, but if they are parts that she just isn’t into having touched, stay off. There is a reason why she doesn’t want you to touch places on her body, most likely because even though you like them they don’t feel good to her. If she has made comment that some places are off limits, respect her wishes. It is okay to dream about those places, or get a gratuitous feel, but no means hands off unless you want to turn her off.

4) Pet names are for pets
Even if you think calling her baby, or sugar is cute, does not mean that she wants to hear it over and again in bed. When you are having sex no woman wants you to call her oh baby over and again. She wants some quiet to focus on the task at hand not to hear you call her pet names. It is okay to tell her when something feels good, but to just say baby 100 times isn’t cool. Keep your mouth quiet and just give her some peace to get the job done.

5) Don’t go for the goods right away
Men make the mistake of grabbing onto the vagina well before it is warranted. If you are going straight for the goods it is coming across as too aggressive for most women. Women need to be aroused before they want you to go for the clitoris. It is very uncomfortable for you to stick your finger into her vagina unless she has some lubrication. There are other ways to get her aroused than to put your hands down her pants. Slow down, get her going in other ways, and don’t hit the goods until things are moving in the right direction.

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