5 Ways You Can Blow It With Your Sugar Baby

5-Ways-You-Can-Blow-It-With-Your-Sugar-BabyYou finally got to a place in life where you found a beautiful woman, half your age, who absolutely adores you. There is nothing that can make a man feel better about himself than the love of a good woman. The best part is, she is hot to boot. If you are worried about how to hold onto her, there are some things that will ensure she will be there to smile at you morning after morning, and then there are things you can do to ensure she won’t be smiling at you as she is walking out your door. Young beautiful women are not that easy to come by and if you want to make sure to hold onto yours, there are 5 things that you shouldn’t ever do. These five things will lead her to find someone to replace you, and quick.

1. Be possessive
There is an understanding between you two that you are together for nothing more than fun. An agreement made up front was that there was no commitment, no strings attached. You are together to make each other happy by living in the moment. If you start to become overly possessive or jealous, you are going to turn her off. She wants a guy who is self-assured and powerful, but not someone who thinks that he owns her. So, be cool. She is allowed to see anyone she wants, by standing over her all the time you will be sure to lose her.

2. Start taking her for granted
What does she love most about you? She loves that you aren’t like guys her age. You not only have the means to entertain her, but are happy to. If you start to take her for granted, or stop showing her a good time, she is going to get bored with you. The attraction of an older man is his means and his ability to afford things that are spontaneous and exciting. There is nothing exciting about sitting on your couch night after night.

3. Act like her Dad
It is okay to act like you are older and wiser, but if you are acting like her dad, news flash, she already has one. Nothing can turn a girl off quicker than feeling like her boyfriend has turned into her dad, oh wait, besides the fact that you are old enough to be her dad. Don’t tell her what to do, or order her around. If you want a child, adopt one. She is your girlfriend, not your daughter. If you want to hold onto her don’t treat her like you should be dropping her off at school. Don’t tell her what not to wear, or to drive slower. It is okay to be concerned about her, but not to act like you are responsible for her.

4. Don’t cut off the cash flow
If you started dating her and said the sky was the limit, now is not the time to get stingy. Make sure that if you made her a promise about her standard of living that you can hold up your end of the deal. If you start cutting back her expenses, she isn’t going to like it very much. If she was worth it at the beginning she must still be worth paying the little extra to keep her happy. You can’t show her the guy who thinks she is worthy of the world and then deny her things, that just isn’t going to go over well.

5. Don’t try to make her your significant other
If you think that she is going to step into the role of wife and mother, you are mistaken. If you had the understanding up front that she was just your sugar baby then you can’t assume that she is going to want to be with your family, friends, or co-workers. That was not part of the deal. Her job was to make you happy and to have a pretty girl on your arm. It isn’t her responsibility to put up with your families criticisms of her, or for her to worry about your business dinners. She is strictly there to make you happy. The reason why you wanted her to begin with was because she wasn’t entangled in all the serious stuff. Don’t ruin it all by making her become entangled. Keep her and your personal life separate if you want to keep her from running away. There is a reason why you wanted someone who was free from the everyday. Don’t make her your everyday.

Dating a younger women is a great way to make yourself feel attractive and youthful again, don’t screw it up by trying to make your relationship more than you asked, or by thinking you want more than you actually do.

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