What To Do If Your Sugar Baby Starts Asking For More

What-To-Do-If-Your-Sugar-Baby-Starts-Asking-For-MorShe is so fun to look at. If that is where it stops, you may be getting a little nervous about her wanting more than just a fun time. Many women think that a sugar daddy is fun and temporary, but then other things start to creep in to try and kill your good time. Women, by nature, are looking for security and someone to take care of them. If you are taking that spot in her life by buying her things and affording her security in her life, the next step is usually a desire to have something more permanent. If your sugar baby wants to be more like a sugar wife, it is time to put a stop to it before it goes any further. If you don’t want to lose her to the next guy that comes along, you have to deal with her desire to have more, very cautiously. If you don’t, she will be wrapped around someone else’s arm in no time.

There are many things that you can say when a girl wants to become more exclusive and serious that will keep her with you, and then others that will have her giving you the heave-ho. Below you will find some useful ticks that will help get you out of this sticky situation.

The Dos & Don’ts To Follow

Do tell her that you aren’t worthy
The first place to start is to tell her that she is too good for you. Explain to her that you just aren’t good enough to be the one and only in her life. Tell her that she is so young that you don’t want to tie her down. Explain to her that she may someday want more out of life than you can give and that she should keep her options open just in case someday she wants someone her own age to give her things that you aren’t able to.

Don’t tell her that you won’t ever get serious
If you want to keep her around let her know that it isn’t out of the question to have a long term commitment down the road, but that now just isn’t the right time. If you come right out and say that having something lasting with her is never going to happen, it is likely that you will be her sugar daddy no more. Tell her that in time something more may develop, but for right now it is best to just keep it simple.

Don’t tell her that it is about money
If you say that you’re not wanting to be in a committed relationship with her has anything to do with money, you are going to be in serious trouble. A good reason why she is with you is for the money. If you let her know that eventually the money train is going to leave the station and she will be left with nothing you can say goodbye now. The reason why she wants a commitment is because she wants an understanding of entitlement. Don’t make her think that once you are done with her you are going to take your money and move along. Use any other excuse, don’t bring up money.

Do tell her that it isn’t what you agreed upon
If all else fails, remind her that that was’t part of the arrangement. When you got together there was an understanding that you had the money and she supplied you with something fun to look at…as long as you wanted to look at it. There was no promise of commitment, or talk about it on either end. Tell her that she can’t come up and change the rules just because she feels like it. If you remind her that there is no reason to change things since they are working just fine, she is probably going to agree with you. Women have a tendency to change their minds so what she says she wants one day, she may not the rest.

Don’t give in
If you give into her you are never going to get out of it. If you let her win, you are no longer a fun sugar daddy, you are wrapped around her finger daddy. That isn’t a relationship that you want to have with anyone. Always stand your ground and be firm, don’t let here cross the line or start to think you have plans to put a ring on it and make her an honest woman. You don’t have to be mean about it but always be firm and honest about what the relationship is and you won’t have to worry about her ever expecting more.

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