Your Sugar Baby: What Pushes Her Hot Button?

Your Sugar Baby: What Pushes Her Hot Button?Oh, what a long strange trip it was, this journey to obtain your sugarbaby. You have tried a few websites to meet younger women and gave it a few tries. A few dinner dates, a couple coffee dates and BAM you have yourself a sugarbaby. So now what?

You got her and you want to keep her. Perhaps you have her and want to enjoy it while it lasts or maybe you’re both in it only for the night. However your sugardaddy-ness reveals itself, one question remains: what attracts younger women?

This topic has been written about for eons. The most scholarly scholars all the way down to the media hyped relationship experts of today have all spouted their proliferations on what makes a younger woman lip her lips in anticipation when she sees you. The answers have run the gamut from affection and emotion to pheromones and body language. The truth is there is a little truth in all of it.

The very basic truth is that younger women ARE attracted to older men and all they have to offer. If you have your sugarbaby present and accounted for you are already ahead of the game. So, what attracts younger women? You! You attract younger women with your confidence, your stability, your charm, intelligence and compassion. Make it work for you.

Confidence is the obvious one. You have to have confidence to win any woman at any stage of the game. No one is really attracted to a timid, reticent turd smear of a guy sitting in the corner texting his golf buddy. Women, especially younger women, want confident men who they can feel safe with.

Now, let’s face it. Older men are charming. It’s just a fact. Why shouldn’t they be? They have lived a few more years, racking up experience points along the way, jumping a little higher occasionally to grab that bright and shining jewel of knowledge. Along with experience and knowledge comes a certain joie de vivre and with that a specific charm based solely on your own experiences.

Intelligence is the flip side of the charm button. Along the road of life experience is gained. Personality traits like charm develop from those experiences but intelligence is the reward from purposely steering your life in a beneficial direction. Women love to see a guy with his shit together and that is especially true for younger women as well.

Don’t underestimate the stability factor either. Nevermind all that talk about women who want excitement and adventure. Don’t they all? The key to that crap is moderation. Adventure and excitement have their place in a relationship and its right behind stability. Stability is the ingredient that allows your sugarbaby to really be who she is. She can let her guard down and her hair will soon follow.

Young men simply do not have the stability that an older man can offer. They have spent years cultivating not only their careers and income but their entire lives. The lives of older men are far more stable, from the inside and the outside, than that of a younger man who hasn’t had the life years.

Compassion is another biggie. Younger women have spent their days around guys their own age. These are guys at an age where they’d rather pull the wings off flies than ponder the wonders of love with their girlfriends. These are guys who are so wrapped up in themselves they don’t see the pain in others, even friends and family, quite as clearly as their own. When these women experience a man who has learned compassion it becomes an instant attraction. Not just in general but also an aphrodisiac of sorts. Seeing genuine kindness from the man they are spending time with stirs feeling of appreciation and warmth in women. What a great building block for a relationship.

Those are the basics. If you have those five basic qualities you have all the tools you need to attract younger women and seduce your sugarbaby. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a few more good physiognomies. A good sense of humor and being funny is always on the top 10 list of what younger women like about their older men. Having the hutzpah to laugh in life’s face goes a long way in anyone’s book.

Younger women are also fond of good dancers. This isn’t to say you have to get out there and perform a Magic Mike the likes of which Channing Tatum would stand in awe but it doesn’t help to be good at a few steps. Even tried and true dances do the trick. Take your sugarbaby to a jazz show a giver a whirl around the dance floor. Dazzle her with the Stroll, the Mashed Potato or the Twist and you’ll own her heart forever.

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