What Younger Women Are Really Attracted Too

What younger women are really attracted tooIt’s a fact. There is no shortage of younger women who want to go out with older men. The task is not finding one, but finding one you like. What we want to know is, why? What is it about women that makes them gravitate toward older men? This phenomenon dates back to childhood. The hot redheaded in biology would never give you, or any of the other guys in your class, a second look because she was interested in a senior classman or even a college guy. At that age, the gals are slightly more mature than their male peers and look elsewhere to build their dating pool. In later years, it’s still about maturity but more about finding a reliable, loyal mate.

Beginning way back in the cave man days, the prized men were the ones who could make babies, feed things really haven’t changed much. Older men are already established and when a woman looks at you, she sees your accomplishments, which to her equals strength, perseverance and tenacity. All of which are desirable in a mate. Accomplishments don’t necessarily have to be monetary, either. You may be quite surprised at the things that subconsciously comfort your sugar baby. Ex-wives are proof that a woman has wanted and successfully lived with you and under your protection. Having children proves you can be a decent father and adhere to responsibility. A mortgage, car payment and credit card bills show her you have built credit and can successfully juggle payments.


Older Men Naturally Attract Younger Women

What all this boils down to is women are attracted to the things that come naturally to older men. Confidence, ability, and strength are key things younger women like about older men. If you can exhibit those three core characteristics, you are golden. Women sense fear and react to it. Some women will pounce when they smell fear and take the upper hand. These women take a timid man and lead him around on a metaphorical chain. Other women see fear and become uninterested and even cold. A lack of confidence is deadly to a sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship. Don’t be shy about picking the place for dinner or planning a weekend trip. Be firm and logical in any arguments and always stick to your word.

An Older Man Offers Security & An Improved Lifestyle

Ability is another key ingredient in these relationships. Not so much what you do for her but that you can do for her. Taking out the garbage and fixing a flat tire are big deals for a lot of women. Household chores and responsibilities are a great way to show her your ability. A capable man with the ability to take care of himself as well as her is a great catch. Older men have been in the workforce longer as well as taking care of business in the home for a lot longer than the frat boys she’s used to palling around with. It’s impressive. It’s different. It’s enticing. Most of all, it’s comforting. The ability to be a friend is also important. Not every moment can be about sex and showing her that you like who she as a person can seal the deal forever. Younger guys are often more self-absorbed and have not yet learned the value of a woman’s friendship.

Experience & Intelligence Go A Long Way

Intelligence is another fun factor. While older women may find you tedious or maybe boastful, a younger woman is enticed and tantalized by your intelligence. She loves to hear you talk and appreciates the anecdotes about your day. To her, you seem worldly, experienced and wise. This is a big turn-on for a lot of women. Engage her in conversation not only about your favorite topics, but things she likes too. Ask her about her job, her family, friends and life goals. Be genuinely interested in her responses, she wants to know your thoughts and your experiences in things that matter to her.

An Older Man Knows How To Treat Their Ladies Right

The most important trait of all may be plain old chivalry. Younger women seek out older men to date because they appreciate the whole experience. With age comes wisdom and an appreciation of life that younger people just do not comprehend. Most men learn somewhere in their twenties, if not before, that women must be treated tenderly and with respect but it isn’t until they have had a few relationships with women in varying fashions that they begin to form a real understanding of women. With that understanding comes an ingrained knowledge of how to speak and interact with a woman. Once you master this, women take note. Some men master the art of chivalry and others flounder forever.


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