What To Do When Your Sugar Baby Wont Put Out

What To Do When Your Sugar Baby Wont Put OutThere may come a time in your sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship when the sex factor runs a little dry. It may have become a bit humdrum, dull or even stop all together. There are a number of reasons this situation can take place but there is no reason it should continue. There are many great, creative and ingenious ways to get around your sugar baby you met on a sugar daddy dating site cutting off the sex. Here are a few surefire ways to get your sugar baby back in the sack!

Foreplay is still important to your sugar baby

The first thing you should consider is it may be your fault. We say consider this first because it’s the easiest and fastest to fix. If she has cut you off sex, it may be because it is dull. Try enhancing the foreplay factor. Women rely a great deal on foreplay to achieve orgasm. Their level of excitement is directly related (almost always but not quite) to the amount of foreplay involved. Foreplay can begin as early as breakfast when you whisper in her ear all the things you love about her body. Text her at lunch and let her know you’re thinking of her sweet kisses. Right before you get home let her know she needs to be ready for a ravishing and she will be quivering with excitement when you walk in the door. Don’t stop there. Make sure it continues with erotic foreplay right up until the big moment. You’ll have her eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.

You Know What She Likes

You know she likes older men, you have that going for you. Take a step further than just numbers – age and money. Show her what makes men like us special. Take her for a trip in that restored classic car or teach her to waltz. Take her to that 70’s film festival showing all your high school fav’s. Let her know exactly what a classic she has and she will be putty in your hands. Reminding her of the age gap between you is a big turn on for women who are attracted to older men.

A Good Sugar Daddy Turn’s up the Romance

When we say turn up the romance, we aren’t talking about sex. No sir. What we are talking about is charm and personality mixed with confidence and attention. Lay all that on her with that look in your eye and she will reconsider her position on sex. Nothing is more romantic to a woman that really paying attention to what makes her happy and doing something special that shows it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and often the most romantic of gestures doesn’t cost a penny. It just has to be something that shows you really know her. If she’s a big reader you could take her to her favorite author signing or a book fair. Try a fashion show or photo shoot for your fashion forward girls. Its all in her personality. Take a close look and see what you can come up with. Here’s where we reiterate that it isn’t about sex. As a matter of fact, unless she makes a move, abstain from sex on the night you make the big romantic gesture. Let her fall asleep as you deep tissue massage her for hours.

The Key is Attention

What this all boils down to, is your girl needs some attention. Even if you’re together all the time, something is lacking. Put down the newspaper or tablet. Turn off CNN and ask her about her sister’s wedding or the affair her coworker is having. Be engaged. It isn’t about the quantity of time with sugar babies, but the quality. The more in tune you are with them, the more they are going to like being around you. Sincerity is the key here, so make sure you ask her about something you are at least mildly interested in hearing about. Don’t just ask her what you think she wants to talk about. Have a real conversation. She will know the difference.

Make It Rain On Your Sugar Baby

Last but not least, spend money. Maybe shes just in a bad mood or feeling low. Maybe you inadvertently hurt her feelings and you’re too daft to realize it. Whatever the reason, it never hurts to throw money at it if all else fails. If you’re out spending money on her, you’re being romantic and spending time with her, so it kills two birds with one stone. If you really use this as a last resort, you’ll have to make it big. Take her to Vegas or Tahoe for the weekend. Buy her a Louis Vuitton bag and some Kate Spade shoes. Take her to a five star restaurant and get a suite with a view of the cityscape. If you can’t get laid after all that, you’re with the wrong girl.


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