Younger Women – Older Men: The Relationship Explained

Younger Women – Older Men: The Relationship ExplainedWhen we think of the older man and younger women scenario there are a number of stereotypes that come to mind. The decision to go out and meet younger women or even date younger women is a leap of faith. The Pervy Old Man stereotype is probably the most common. People of this state of mind take a look at an age-defying couple and think, “What a perv! That man is old enough to be her grandfather!” Then there is the runner up of all ageism pigeon-holes, GOLDDIGGER! People on that thought train see an age-mixed couple and believe she is after one thing only; his bankroll.

There are other ageism stereotypes but these two are the most common and most detrimental, not only to relationships in general but also to society as a whole. In these progressive and tolerant days of the 21rst century no type of couple should endure this behavior. Age is a number and does not have to be a governing factor in any relationship.

This continual and wide-reaching categorizing of age-defying relationships can cause serious and deep-seated issues. Kim Olver, author of Secrets of Happy Couples: Loving Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Life, suggests that these types of relationships, while not perfect, can be ideal for many couples and ensures they can be repaired when emotional damages occur despite the age difference.

Olver’s ideas come from her belief that a happy relationship must stem from a healthy personal relationship. That is, if you like yourself you are more likely to like other people. If you love and respect yourself… well, you get it.

For instance, according to Olver, younger women are generally more dedicated to forging a serious connection with their partner. Prove this point to yourself by thinking of the younger men you know. The wide majority of young men are focused on personal achievement, either in school or careers. Males also take longer to mature, stabilize and get to know themselves.

According to a 2013 Psychology Today article, today’s younger women dominate the college scene, competing for a diminishing pool of comparable males. This brings about the American version of Hypergamy, or marrying out of your class. Many cultures practice this purposely; women in India are often required to practice Hypergamy. It ensures they are well taken care of and comfortable in marriage and life. The American slant is that younger women are choosing to stay single out of a fear of American male Hypergamy. Younger males just aren’t measuring up.

On the flip side, once a woman is older and has life experience under her belt she is more likely to shed the older man and seek out a younger fella. Years upon years of searching for a meaningful connection and taking care of all the men in her life, she requires excitement, passion and activity that helps her see herself in a true light.

This especially true for women who raised families or put her own career and education off to help her man. While this scenario happens a lot and is commendable it is also the reason so many empty-nesters divorce after decades of marriage. It is time for the woman to find herself.

With this being the case more and more younger women are jumping on the Sugardaddy train and delving into dating older men. Websites by the boatloads are cropping up with alarming frequency solely to give older men a chance to date younger women online.

No longer is it that uncommon to see a considerably older man dating a much younger woman. Older men have battled are their inner demons and addictions to extinction, their career have been in shape for some time and late nights smoozing clients or burning the candle at both ends seems banal. It is these men who hold the interest of the 20 and 30 year old women. These men who have the time, money and inclination to give their girl everything she wants.

The younger woman/older man dating scene isn’t slowing down either. Women are realizing the benefits of older men in the dating realm and older men are losing their cowardice. The Internet has opened even more possibilities for us (Our Top Sugar Daddy Dating Sites). Never before has it been so easy to find a mate so compatible with every whim and whimsy.

There is certainly a whole new world out there for dating adults, and more specifically sugar daddy dating. The stigmata attached to older men/younger women couples is dissipating. Explore the changing environment. Check out some younger women dating sites. Set up a profile and start meeting women. The time is now. Get out there and take a great big bite of the apple!

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