Module #10 Closing the deal – from date to sex quickly

Closing the deal – from date to sex quicklyMost men on sugar daddy dating sites are laboring under the delusion that closing the deal by getting a sugar baby into bed is the hardest part of the process. Nothing could be further from the truth! If you created a killer profile that is getting the attention of hot younger women, you have already succeeded at the hardest part. Moving through the steps of establishing contact with a younger woman, texting, and arranging a face to face meeting are all just foundational elements for getting her into bed. Once they’ve all been tended to appropriately, getting laid is a given unless you totally screw it up.

If at All Possible, Get a Hotel the First Time

As we covered in Step #9 it can totally work to your advantage to move from the hotel bar to a hotel room. If you’re thinking to yourself that there’s no way in hell you can afford a five star hotel for a night of sex, think again. This does not have to break the bank! Check sites like Groupon and Travelocity to score dirt cheap deals on swanky hotel rooms. Plus, it’s not like you are going to have to do this regularly, it will probably be a one-time expense… but more on that later.

Why Shell Out Money for a Hotel Room When You Could Go Back to Your Place?

It’s simple, really. You’ve invested time and energy building a persona around wealth and importance. Does your actual home reflect this? Not likely. If you’ve been bullshitting this girl into believing that are a wealthy businessman, and then you take her back to a cheap little apartment filled with ten-year-old furniture, your cover is blown! Taking her upstairs from the bar to a posh hotel room is much more in keeping with the habits of a lucrative jetsetter.

After the First Time, How Do You Keep Up the Façade?

You might be able to stave off bringing her back to your place a bit longer by suggesting that you go to her place. There are lots of stories you can use for this one. You have relatives visiting. You’d love to see her home because you want to know more about her and her life. Unless she lives with her parents or has a nosy roommate, chances are high that it won’t be terribly hard to convince her that it would be best to go to her apartment instead of yours.


What Happens When You Finally Do Have to Take Her to Your Place?

If you reach a point where it feels like taking her to your place is your only option, you’re going to need a damn good story about why someone with the type of money and prestige you claim to have isn’t living in a gorgeous home. My own favorite story on this front is that my house is undergoing major renovations/remodeling, and I am staying in the apartment I rent for my son who is currently away at college. It’s easy and believable.

Distract Her with Something Interesting

In order to distract her from her surroundings, you’ll want to have something interesting on hand to be the focal point of your conversation until you take her to bed. Have a good bottle of wine on hand, and pour her a drink as you show her vacation pictures (assuming you’ve actually traveled somewhere exotic) or entertain her with stories about your vintage record collection or whatever else you have on hand that is both interesting and seems to be worth some money.