Module #6 Understanding the Sugar Daddy Dating Game Theory advantage

Understanding the Sugar Daddy Dating Game Theory advantageOne of the most common complaints men have about dating is that there are at least a dozen dudes vying for the attention of every good looking woman. That’s how it is most of the time, but not for men who are trying to meet sugar babies. When it comes to older men dating younger women, the odds actually shift dramatically in your favor. That sounds crazy, because what older guy wouldn’t want to hook up with gorgeous younger women? But it’s a fact!


Most Men Don’t Realize that Women Want Older Men

As we discussed earlier, women are wired to desire the confidence, safety, and stability of powerful older men. This means that there are a whole lot of young women out there who are dying to date refined older men. However, most men in this age group aren’t clued in to this little fact. They assume that they won’t stand a chance with younger women, so they never even try. When you have the self-confidence and know how to become a sugar daddy, the odds are in your favor. You’ll have more hot young girls available to you than you know what to do with.

Make Sugar Babies Feel Like a Million Bucks (Without Parting with Your Money)

When you’re cruising sites like or it is easy to feel like you won’t stand a chance with any of the women there, because you aren’t actually a millionaire. Take it from us, this is not the case! After extensive research on sugar daddy/sugar baby dating sites, we have discovered that almost all of the women have certain things in common. Learning the psychology behind these common factors is the key to unlocking the potential of these sites, without parting with your money in the process!


The Illusion of Wealth and Princess Power

Let’s play a quick game of Let’s Pretend. For just a minute, close your eyes and imagine yourself as a little girl living in poverty. While you’re living in a rundown trailer park, wearing hand me down clothing that have been out of style of five years, you’re also seeing how the other half lives. Growing up with a steady diet of reality television, soap operas, and Disney princesses, you want nothing more than for Prince Charming to sweep in and take you away…

So Make Her Feel Like She Found Prince Charming

These girls might not realize it, but it isn’t actually the money they’re after. It’s the feelings associated with money that they’re after! They want ease, adventure, pampering, and possibility, all of which are inaccessible when you’re poor. If she feels like she’s living the dream, it won’t matter to her whether or not she actually is.