Module #1 Painting the Right Picture – What younger women respond to most on sugar daddy sites

Module1How you portray yourself on sugar daddy sites is the most important component to your success, and it begins long before you choose your pictures or start filling out your profile. It is of the utmost importance that you don’t skip over this step because you’re in a hurry. Your ability to meet sugar babies is completely dependent upon how you think of yourself. If you have low self-esteem or think of yourself as too old to be appealing to younger women, you won’t stand a chance! So hold off on filling out that profile until you’ve got yourself in the proper mindset to paint the right picture of who you are and what you have to offer to the women you’re trying to attract.

So what do you want to put out there? In order to become a sugar daddy, you need to come across as cool and confident. When you project yourself as strong, relaxed, in control, and experienced, you’ll have no trouble hooking up with hot younger women. While you might be thinking that younger women will see you as too old and unattractive compared to guys in their twenties, nothing could be further from the truth. The type of women who are looking at profiles on have had their fill of little boys in men’s bodies and are fed up with that scene. While you might not be as buff as some college jock, don’t sell yourself short. You have a lot of things going for you that the younger dudes lack. Women mature more quickly than men, and lots of women in their twenties can’t stomach the idea of one more Saturday night spent watching a group of guys play beer pong, talking about sports they have no interest in, and then going to a grungy bachelor pad where they will have to try not to make noise so the dude’s roommates won’t know they’re having sex.

Old is a state of mind. Old men talk about their cholesterol levels and fall asleep watching golf on TV. Old men are washed up and boring. You’re not old. You’re sophisticated and experienced, and know how women like to be treated. You are an interesting conversationalist, know how to handle yourself in bed because you’ve had decades of experience with women, and don’t sleep on a futon in your mother’s basement. An older man can offer a younger woman dozens of positive qualities that the younger guys don’t possess, and there are tons of women who realize this and are dying to get with someone like you.

If you’ve been worrying that you don’t make enough money or have an impressive enough sounding career to be attractive to younger women, think about your competition. Chances are high that you’re more successful and well-established than most of the twenty-something crowd. Regardless of how you regard your career, you need to jump into the mindset of being successful and driven, because that it what you have to project to the women you’re trying to attract.

99% of everything having to do with this step takes place entirely in your head. Are you getting the picture that your state of mind is either going to make or break you? So how do you get yourself into a space where you view yourself as an asset to younger women so that you’re able to walk the walk? It’s easier than you think. If you’re not able to believe those things about yourself quite yet, go through your daily life imagining that you have the starring role in a movie. Your character possesses all of the attributes you are trying to develop. Dress like he would dress. Walk like he would walk. Talk like he would talk. Every time you catch yourself slipping out of character, bring yourself back into the role. Do this for a week and it won’t take long until it starts to feel less like acting and more like who you are. When you start to fill out your profile and begin to meet younger women online, this is the man you will be.