Module #2 Avoid Sugar Daddy Site Scams

Avoid Sugar Daddy Site Scams

Avoid Sugar Daddy Site Scams

Now that you’re getting started on Step 1, you’re probably itching to get to the good stuff… signing up for a sugar daddy website and meeting hot young women. If you’re reluctant to take the leap because you’ve heard that all sugar daddy dating sites are scams, we feel you. The truth is that there are a whole lot of scams out there. In fact, the vast majority of these websites are scams (See Our Approved Sites) meant to part you with your money without offering you anything in return. We’ve done a ton of research on the subject to save you the time and hassle of getting scammed. While it totally sucks that there are so many scams to dodge, the good news is that there are sites out there that are legit; and there are a lot of attractive sugar babies looking to connect with men just like you.

Be sure to take your time on this step. Read it thoroughly and make sure that you don’t get sucked into one of the many scams that will do nothing but steal your time, your money, and quite possibly land you in a sticky situation involving pimps and escorts. There is absolutely no reason you have to go through the hell of being scammed when you should be meeting hot women and having great sex. Once you know the signs, they are easy to spot, and you’ll be able to dodge the b.s. and get to the good stuff.

The first thing you’ve got to know right off the bat is that over 90% of all sugar daddy sites are scams. Don’t stress about that, though. Even if only 10% of the sites out there are legit, if you know what those sites are and stick with them, the 90% won’t matter. Be sure to carefully review our site reviews so that you know which sites to stick with and which ones to bypass altogether. When you stick with our most recommended sites like and you’ll avoid wasting your precious energy on fake profiles and con artists and will meet younger women looking for mutually beneficial arrangements that will fulfill your fantasies.

The next thing you have to know is that even on the best sites, so scammers will slip through the cracks. You just need to know how to identify these con games and ensure that the real girls are intrigued by your profile. These are the top scams that are specific to sugar daddy websites:

Escorts and Prostitutes Sugar Daddy Site Scams

These are the most common scams and typically the easiest to spot. Sometimes the women do absolutely nothing to conceal who they are and what they are up to. Some of them are a little trickier in their wording, but still relatively easy to pick out from the crowd. Bleach blondes with giant fake books who only talk about what they can provide for men sexually, but don’t reveal anything about what they want are dead giveaways. This is because all they want from you is your money, so what is there to really say? Real sugar babies might talk about what they have to offer you, but you can be damn sure that they will also talk about themselves and what they want.

Fake Profiles On Sugar Daddy Sites

This is a continuation of the escorts and prostitutes scam. The only real difference is that the girls themselves had nothing to do with setting up the profile and the picture used won’t be of the girl you’ll actually meet up with. Typically their pimps or madams have hired people in third world countries to write the profile you read and they stole the picture from the internet. Beware of women who look like porn stars or supermodels. You can find beautiful real women on these sites, but if they look too good to be true, they probably are. The hope is that you’ll be so horny and desperate that when you show up and find a fat, ugly hooker with missing teeth instead of the hot chick you saw online, you’ll still pay for sex.

Settling for Fat and Ugly Women

You might be wondering why this would be included in this step. I’ll tell you why; if you wouldn’t see a woman on the street and find her attractive enough to hit on, you shouldn’t be hitting on her through an online sugar daddy site. The simple fact is that these sites are filled with women who are less than great looking, work in gas stations (if they’re employed at all), and are looking for some sucker to take care of the financial needs their three or four baby daddies aren’t fulfilling. How is this really all that different from a hooker? These women think that older men will be so desperate to get laid that they’ll be able to glom on to you and get you to provide for them in exchange for sexual favors. They’re trying to scam you. The other thing is that if you are selling yourself short and settling for this type of woman, you’re also scamming yourself out of the experiences you could actually be having. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of beautiful women on these sites, too. Wouldn’t you rather catch their attention? Yeah. I thought so. We’re going to walk you through exactly how to do that, so you never have to settle for someone you don’t find attractive again.