Module #3 Creating the perfect profile that attracts younger women

Creating the perfect profile that attracts younger women

Creating the perfect profile that attracts younger women

Creating the right kind of profile for a sugar daddy site is a completely different endeavor than the kind you would set up for a regular dating site. Since you aren’t looking for a wife or a soul mate, the sort of information you’ll want to include about yourself to attract the right kind of women is going to be completely different. Think about the type of women who are looking for sugar daddies. What do they want? What appeals to them? What would be a total turn-off if you were them? Remember, you aren’t trying to appeal to every single woman who looks at your profile. Unfortunately, there are lots of women on these sites you really don’t want to contact you. You’re reading this because you want to become a sugar daddy. This is presumably because you want to meet sugar babies, so you need to become intimately acquainted with what works to catch their eye when they are scanning profiles.

Don’t Cross the Line between Nice and Pathetic

For some reason this seems to be a hard one for a lot of older men. You want to be nice. If you come across as rude, arrogant, or demanding you’ll only succeed in making yourself look like a dick, and no younger woman in her right mind will come near you. No one wants to hook up with a jerk. On the other hand, if you’re all mush and no substance (I won’t use the term too nice, because they’re totally different things), you’re going to seem weak and pathetic. That isn’t what women want, either. The women who are looking for sugar daddies want men who are refined, gentlemanly, and kind. They also want men who are powerful, strong, and in control. If you’re trying to fake it until you make it on this front, an easy test is to re-read what you’ve written and ask yourself, “Who would say this?” If the answer is Mel Gibson, you’re coming across as a dick. If it’s Woody Allen, you sound pathetic. If you can imagine it coming out of Morgan Freeman’s mouth, you’re right on target.

Make it Seem like You Have a Lot to Offer (but You Aren’t Gonna Give it to Just Anyone)

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to go on and on about your six figure income or brag about your power and prestige. It means that you are going to give a light and friendly overview of your life that presents you as having a great job, interesting hobbies, and lots of friends. By discussing hobbies and travel, you can’t paint a picture of wealth, power, and fun without ever directly saying any of it. This is much more intriguing. It also sends a clear message that you already have a fulfilling life and aren’t going to drop everything to chase after a woman. If you’re already having so much fun, she’s going to assume that she’ll have fun by being with you, too. Throw in a comment or two about how much you love spending time with women, and a few details about the type of younger woman you’re hoping to meet. Remember, you want to impress her with the image of money and prestige, but you probably don’t really want to spend a fortune on her. This is why subtlety on this front is critical.


Classy and Refined is the Name of the Game

This means that you don’t want to say anything crass, rude, or overtly sexual. It also means that you want to use correct spelling and grammar, and avoid text-speak or slang that makes it sound like you’re imitating your seventeen-year-old nephew. It’s okay to be witty, but avoid juvenile humor at all costs. These women want men, not boys. You’ll also want to be succinct. When a profile is too long it looks like you’re trying too hard and it reveals too much up front. You’re not telling your life story; you’re just trying to get them curious enough about you to want to learn more. When your profile presents you as a sophisticated older gentleman, they type of women who are looking for sugar daddies will be much more likely to want to meet you in person.

Once you’ve put together a great profile to help you meet younger women on sites like, you’ll be well on your way to sugar daddy status. This is the hook that first gains the attention and interest of the kinds of women you want. Don’t stop here, though. You’ve still got a lot more to learn if you want to meet the most beautiful younger women out there.