Module #4 Picking the right profile photo to hook younger women

Module4What you write in your profile is important, but you’ve got to have a great picture to go with it if you expect hot young women to contact you. When it comes to the differences between the sexes, there really isn’t that much difference when it comes to the power of a good picture. Think about it; are you going to click on a profile and take the time to contact the girl if her profile picture is unattractive? Of course not! You’re not going to waste a single minute writing to some ugly, gross chick stuffed into ratty yoga pants and a sloppy t-shirt. You want a hot woman who takes pride in her appearance. While you might be most concerned with a hot body and a pretty face, the sugar babies you want to meet are less concerned with a perfect beach body and an Abercrombie face, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have standards. You’ve got to make yourself attractive to them based on their standards.

Think Refined and Distinguished

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of trying to imitate the styles of younger guys. If these women were looking for guys with shaggy haircuts and arrogant smirks showing off their abs at the beach, they’d be looking for guys their own age. A short, professional haircut, neatly manicured facial hair if you have it, and a confident smile will go a long way towards helping you date younger women.

Dress to Impress

This might be the most important thing you can do when you’re taking your profile pictures. You know how much you like flipping through a Victoria’s Secret catalog? What thongs and lacy bras are to men, suits and tuxedos are to women. Formal wear turns women on, and it matters even more to sugar babies. If you don’t have a great looking suit or tux, it is worth the effort to rent one. “You look so hot in your khakis and polo” – said no woman ever. Even worse than looking like you’re heading out for a round of golf is trying to dress younger than you, so don’t even think about baggy jeans and a ball cap. If you think this is ridiculous, tell me again about how much you like women in sweatpants. This gives you an instant leg up on the guys in their twenties, most of whom don’t even know how to tie a necktie properly.


Location, Location, Location

One of the reasons women think suits and tuxedos are so sexy is because they give the impression of wealth and elite experiences. When they see you in a tux, they can imagine themselves on your arm at an exclusive cocktail party, dancing under the stars on a yacht, or walking into a five-star restaurant in Paris. To that end, if you have any attractive, recent pictures of yourself at fancy parties, on yachts, or vacationing in exotic locales, get them on your profile immediately. If you don’t, get the help of someone who has excellent photo editing skills to make it look like you’re somewhere exciting. Sugar babies want to meet men they believe have the potential to give them the world, so this type of photo will make you much more attractive to them.

Be Your Best Self

While all of the instructions listed above might make it sound like your profile pictures will be totally staged, the point isn’t to be a total fake. It’s more about presenting your best self. While you want to project the right image, you also want to do it in such a way that you still feel like you. If you are so far outside of your comfort zone that you aren’t able to maintain the same image when you meet women in person, they’re going to realize it immediately. This will backfire, so put your best out there, but don’t try to be someone else entirely.