Module #5 How to Describe Yourself to Attract the Right Girls

How to Describe Yourself to Attract the Right GirlsThe ways in which you describe yourself in your Sugar Daddy profile will determine what type of women you attract. Beyond that, it will go on to define the nature of your relationship with these girls by setting up a standard and expectations. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you project the right image and send the right messages to the girls you’re hoping to get with.


Be Confident and Authoritative

Sugar babies are eager to hook up with older men at least in part because they assume you will have these attributes. They don’t want a little boy who can be bossed around and is afraid to take control. They want a man who knows how to be in charge and has the poise and self-confidence to lead. Do this by stating clearly what you do and do not want, and by making it clear that you have certain expectations and would love to meet the young women that meet your criteria.

Project an Air of Importance

Young women who fantasize about older men almost always envision those men as holding positions of power. They want men with status; the type who are busy, important, and elite. Power is a very seductive aphrodisiac. If you don’t feel like your job or lifestyle is particularly important, that’s ok. Just fake it till you make it. One word of warning on this front; while it can be very tempting to create an entire alter ego and fake life story, unless you’re a pathological liar, you’re eventually going to forget some of the very detailed lies you’ve told. This can totally blow your cover. Instead, it’s much better to be vague. Using little teasers like, “I’m an incredibly busy man,” or, “I’ll be out of town for the next few days,” hint that you have the sort of life your future sugar baby dreams of, but you won’t have to keep too many pesky details straight in your head about what you do for a living or where you were traveling. As an added bonus, this creates an air of mystery around you, which young girls find intriguing.


Make it Clear That You’re Not Desperate

Whatever you do, don’t ever let on that you might be feeling desperate to hookup with a younger woman. Women can smell this a mile away. If they can sniff out desperation, they will use you for your money and resources, take advantage of your time, and basically run the show. You want to project that you have no trouble getting women and that you have incredibly high standards and simply won’t settle for less. This will immediately weed out a lot of the gold diggers and clingy chicks. You’ll end up with women who are eager to fit into your life in any way that you want them to, and they’ll work hard to try to prove their worthiness to you.

Play to the Weaknesses of Their Age Group

These young girls in their early twenties don’t have the life experience and savviness you might be accustomed to if you’re used to dealing with women your age. In some ways, this can be frustrating, but mostly, it will be to your advantage. These girls haven’t yet honed their bullshit detectors, and they are more eager and optimistic about men. They’re also willing to put up with a lot more in terms of settling for whatever scraps of your time and attention you feel like giving her. Don’t ever directly promise things you have no intention of giving. This will lead to them falling in love and desperately trying to get you to follow through on those promises, which will only cause drama. The trick is to never promise them anything. Just hint at the fact that you have the means and capabilities to do that if you ever decided that that was what you wanted to do. It will be enough to keep them intrigued and will ensure that they’re always eager to please you.