Module #9 First Date Advice – setting the scene for a successful night

First Date Advice – setting the scene for a successful night - From Sugar Daddy Site To The BedroomYou’ve navigated the sugar daddy dating sites, set up a great profile, nailed the first interaction, and now the time has come to finally meet a hot young woman in person. Congrats! Setting the scene for your first date with a potential sugar baby is critical. If you choose someplace that is either seedy or unhip, the chick will probably take one look at the place and keep driving. Pick the right spot, and she’ll be giddy that you’re meeting here there.


Where Should You Take Your Sugar Baby for a First Date?

One of the best choices for a first date with a younger woman is a bar attached to a swanky hotel. There are two reasons for this. First of all, women in their early twenties are used to dating frat boys who can’t afford to take them anywhere nice. When a young girl is used to knucklehead boys buying her watered down beer at the local sports bar, being treated to a couple of drinks in a high-end hotel bar will feel like a major luxury. The second, and even more important reason, is that if and when you’re ready to take things to the next level and get physical, you can get a room. Given that a woman this age might not have ever stayed in a four or five star hotel, this will blow her out of the water.

Remember That She’s a Million Times More Nervous than You

If you’re not used to meeting younger women, you might feel a little bit jittery. Take a deep breath and remember that the girl you’re meeting will be far more nervous than you are. She sees you as being refined, experienced, and entirely out of her league. In all likelihood she is quaking in her boots, terrified that you will think she’s too stupid or inexperienced to be worth your time. She’ll be too focused on her own presentation to be too judgmental about yours, so relax and take charge.


Take the Lead and Lead Her Straight to Bed

Your ability to take charge will be your most powerful aphrodisiac when you’re dealing with sugar babies. If you do a good job of confidently taking the lead with your sugar baby, she’ll be fawning all over you. Remember that your ability to project a commanding presence is what she craves. This matters from the moment you introduce yourselves and order drinks until you part ways at the end of the evening. If you give her what she wants on this front, she’ll be eager to please you by following you wherever you want her to go.